NaBloPoMo - Giving it a Shot

Ah there's nothing like deciding something at the 11th hour!  I have about 5 minutes left of November 1st, but I'm going to try and do NaBloPoMo, wherein I write a post every day in the month of November.  Thankfully one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Zoot, is graciously offering up some daily prompts for those of us who are sometimes lacking inspiration.  Her prompt for day one was 'firsts.'

In this very small window of time that I have before the day is over (Ah!  I just realized it's daylight savings and I just gained an hour!), the thought that jumped into my head was of course all sorts of my kids' firsts.  Those standout moments like first words, which was always 'dada' in our house - damn that 'd' consonant. Or passing the swim test, which my son did this summer, are moments that are definitely top of mind.  
Or, ya know, when your daughter makes that first crucial decision: Team Edward or Team Jacob - she chose wisely!
But, I also thought of how wonderful it is that I still get to experience my own 'firsts' as I get older, and older...

Sure, maybe they're not as monumental as those first words or steps (obviously), but if you look at the littlest things as a new adventure, even stuff like a run streak or making my first espresso at home can be pretty exciting.  It's even more exciting than our first trip to Great Wolf Lodge this year, and that was a pretty monumental experience.  And, of course, this is my first year in a new decade and I love the idea of a challenge - especially a daily one.  So bear with me while I try to exercise my brain as well as my typing fingers for the month of November.


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