Snohomish River Run Race Report

This summer I was so glad to have the opportunity to get the word out about this race along with an entry to run.  I had been looking forward to it for a VERY long time, and planned the 10K as a goal race.  But when I got an unexpected PR at Beat the Blerch (another great race put on by Snohomish Running Company), I wasn't sure what my goals would be.  I decided to keep up with my training and aim for a time that confirmed I was truly in PR shape - maybe something within 10 seconds of the Blerch run.  I'm quite sure I succeeded in this, although it won't be reflected in the race results.  It just goes to show that even in the best events, the tiniest problem can have really big impacts...

I must admit that it if it wasn't for my intrepid race buddy Dawn, I might not have stumbled out of bed in the pitch dark after getting very little sleep the night prior.  Additionally, I had weird muscle aches from an hour long adults vs. kids soccer game with my son's team the night before (those U8 kids are FIERCE competitors).  The night was filled with wind storms, a broken fence and a short power outage.  I was worried about what the weather might bring the next morning and was kind of dreading the race.  It was a pretty early start compared to most around these parts - 8AM for the half marathon and 8:15 for the 10K.  Thankfully Dawn got our packets the day before and we had those extra 15 minutes, since we were both doing the 10K.  

Once we parked (which was super close and easy this year) and checked our bags, things were looking good and off to an auspicious start.  There was Nuun!  Yay! I hope this is now a regular thing at Snohomish Running events.  I was really glad to have some to whet my whistle beforehand and the rain looked as if was going to stay away for the duration.  It was perrrrrfect running weather in the low/mid 50s and cloudy and I felt great in my new arm warmers with my singlet.

I started out near the front and got into a nice groove for the first 2-3 miles.  Hard, but not too hard, and tried not to look at my watch.  After my watch beeped mile 3, I kept my eyes peeled for the turnaround - expecting a cone or volunteer around mile 3.75 or so, as that's where I thought they told us the turnaround would be during the pre-race briefing.  Just after 3.5 miles I saw some girl just mosey over to the other side and start going back the other way, and my first reaction was - seriously?? Is she just cheating right in front of me??  Then I saw that people were waving to each other and saying we went too far.  Crap! I was paying attention!  I looked down at my watch and it was reading 3.75ish, so I was thinking that I caught the turnaround just in time.  I thought wrong.  As I was running, I started passing people that I already passed on my way out - even walkers.  So clearly, some people ran as much as 7.5 miles and there had to be people who ran as little as 5.5.  I could also tell by the signs that the mileage was totally off and I started to think, welp, I have that recent PR - I don't need to keep pushing it.  I walked through a water station, but then decided to keep at it and just hit lap whenever I got to 6.2.  I must've looked pretty funny, gunning it towards my imaginary finish line nearly 3/4 of a mile before the actual finish line, but I'm glad I did.  

Splits!  It's been for-ev-er that I've included them in a race report and didn't do something silly with my Garmin, thankfully!  I'm super happy that my hard, but not too hard pace for the first 3 miles was pretty much at my 5K PR effort and it's pretty obvious where I started to question whether I wanted to 'race' in mile 6, averaging a 9 minute mile.  Cumulative time for 6.26 miles was 53:51 per the Garmin.  One second off from the Blerch run and I'm going with that.

Right after I finished that .26 of a mile.  I started my cool down.  I did a brisk walk for a few minutes and chatted with a lady next to me that pretty much did the same thing!  Then I jogged it through to the finish line and got my medal, which is really spiffy, and reminiscent of the Snohomish Women's Run.
Am I mad?  A little.  I suppose it's a good thing that I got that PR last month, otherwise I would have been a bit more pissed, seeing as how this was a goal race.  But, mistakes happen.  I understand there was an issue that kept the volunteer from getting to the turnaround on time.  And the race directors did send a email apology, taking total responsibility and offered everyone who ran the 10K a 25% discount towards a Snohomish Running Company race in 2015.

Will I run it again?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  This is for sure my favorite 10K.  It seems like many 10Ks are added on to 5K races, where you run two loops.  NO.  Just, no.  Either give me one big loop, or (even better) a straight, flat, out and back like this race.  I also love the new start location in downtown Snohomish.  It had a much better vibe and it was way easier to park and get to the start.  I also love the addition of Nuun on course and water bottles handed out at the finish!  And of course there were lots of good samples (Kind bars and Oberto jerky), bread, bananas, cookies and hot soup (although, just chicken noodle this year).  I'm a big fan of the cozy cotton race tees, as I usually go for the men's shirt and wear it for kicking around or for pj's.  
matches my fave red plaid pj pants!
I gather that the women's tee ran a bit small this year.  Really, it's lovely that races offer women's fit tees.  But, for me, they don't fit any better than the men's.  They're either too tight, too short in the waist, too ridiculous, etc.  One day I hope that I can get a cool beer mug, pint glass, coffee mug or tumbler, maybe fun plastic wayfarer sunglasses, or pajama pants (!) in lieu of the ubiquitous race shirt.  A girl can dream... 


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  2. Posting again after proof-reading: What a sucky race experience, but kudos to them for owning up to it! And nice job running your booty off! Is it the same course as their first 10k? That was my pr race, but I thought that course was so boring and flat, haha. And I agree on the race shirts!

    1. It's a different course from the first two years, still an out and back along the river - and, yes, a little boring :) I'm okay with that for a 10K, not for a half though - that's what killed me in the Snohomish Women's Run!

  3. Way to go on your 6.26 mile time! It really was a beautiful race day (weather, location). I went and picked up my packet so I could get my bib and shirt but didn't race because of some recent hip pain (and wanting to prevent re-injury). I'm SO glad now that I made that decision, because of the mess-up with the turn-around. The hardest part of not racing was that this was also my PR goal race. Now knowing I couldn't have achieved a PR with the long course, I'm extra happy with my decision!
    I also can't wait to run another one of their events, hopefully the women's run in the Spring. :)