October Goals (and September Check In)

Recap on September goals...

Women of Wonder 5K: run sub 26 as my A goal (maybe even an age group placement), get in top 10 of my age group for B goal, and run smart/don't die in mile two was my C goal.
I definitely met my B and C goal!

Beat the Blerch goal: major funning.
I met this goal and THEN SOME.  Crazy.

I updated the post to add some of the FREE race photos, and a really generous spectator took pics and shared them via dropbox on Facebook; more free photos for the win!
Keep up the run streak.
Still going strong! 130 days!

Time for a car oil change, exciting.

Time to clean out the junk/storage closets, exciting!
Womp, womp. Big fail.  I did clear out a bin of kids clothes, changing out stuff for fall.  But, that's it.  I DID clean out our two junk drawers in the kitchen this month, so I'm giving myself a pat on the back for at least accomplishing one out of the ordinary cleaning task.

October Goals:
  • I had meant to shoot for a 10K PR this month at the Snohomish River Run, before surprising myself at Beat the Blerch.  However, I still want to do well and my A goal is for a sub 54:00.  
  • To that end, I really need to start getting intervals back into my running, which I've kind of blown off for the whole summer.  Maybe even a whole year if I'm being honest...  Now that I'm easing the treadmill back into my life in preparation for winter running, I'm trying to commit to them once a week.
  • And, yes, keep going with the run streak.
  • This is a crazy month of soccer, school events, baking, volunteering and fundraising.  I'm hoping to make it through all of it with my mommy gold star.
  • Oh and my least favorite holiday is approaching!  Blergh.  I'm just not into Halloween.  So my goal this year is to get a little bit more happy about it, maybe do a craft?  Maybe even decorate something?  At the very least, I'm going to try and not be so last minute with the kids costumes and getting pumpkins carved.  Luckily my girl just got her first princess dress, a hand me down from her friend and declared it her costume - WIN.
  • Get my whole family vaccinated for the flu. Yay, shots!
  • Clean out those damn closets.


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