This Weeks Eats 10.26.14

Whoooeee.  It's been a weird day around these parts!  Starting right around 12AM, too - when this happened:

As I was trying to get some shut eye before the Snohomish River Run 10K, I heard an all too familiar sound of a tree breaking apart and falling behind our house.  We love our very green, and very private backyard.  But when it rains like crazy and the wind picks up, old dead and wet trees tend to break and fall.  This is the third time in just over nine years that one has fallen on our yard and broken the fence.  So I suppose that's not too bad.

Then, the race was fun and I was on pace for another PR when we all realized that the turnaround wasn't marked.  FRUSTRATING.  I ran a 7 mile 10K.  Other than THAT, it was a great race and I'll recap it soon.

THEN, we were supposed to go to our favorite annual Halloween carnival at the local Y which ended up being cancelled because the facility's power was still out.  Womp, womp.

So THEN, we decided to get some errands done.  We each took one kid with us and my husband hit Costco while I went grocery shopping, and you would've thought people were stocking up for the apocalypse.  Apparently everyone was hitting our local Costco, Safeway and Trader Joe's because others were without power.  

Long story short (too late?), it was a slog of a day.  But we persevered and have all our supplies for a yummy week of eats.

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