About Me

TL/DR version: I'm a stay at home mom to two grade school kids and live in the SEATTLE suburbs. Yep, no longer Chicago. I love running, hiking our amazing Pacific Northwest trails, whiskey cocktails, cooking and our two pugs: Vader and Chewie. I'll let you figure out which one is the black one and which is the brown.

Since I started blogging here over seven years ago, I've created so many amazing connections and opportunities. It's been life changing and I am so thankful for my wee corner of the internet. The desire to shake things up and broaden my connections had been on my mind for awhile. And, lo, Born and READ in Chicago seemed like the perfect way to indulge in my favorite pastime and change things up from where this blog began as Born and RACED in Chicago.  

Books have been a passion of mine long before running, or maybe even walking?  My first job was as a library page in my early teens. I have loved reading, being around books and talking about them since I can remember. I am far from a book snob and will read pretty much anything, mostly leaning towards popular literary fiction, but dabble in it all: romance, YA, middle grade, historical fiction, memoirs... This is not a go-to site for all things Pulitzer or National Book Award (although I've certainly read many nominees and winners over the years). My philosophy is that people derive enjoyment from reading in many different ways and there is no one right way to enjoy a book, they are all equal! That being said, I'm very honest in my reviews if a book is not right for ME.

So if you're still here after the changeover from Born and Raced, to Born and Read - thank you!  I still plan to talk about food or running from time to time, just like I regularly talked books on my running blog!


  1. I realized too late that you already received the Liebster Award, but I nominated you as well! http://howmyworldruns.com/2012/12/16/liebster-award-completely-humbled-and-excited/

    1. Thanks for the s/o on the blog and the Liebster Love! always SO appreciated :))