Favorite Books of 2021

 A little housekeeping note... I think after almost ten years (ten years???) it's time to retire ye olde blog. I've been tapering off posts little by little in the last few years, getting down to just one a month. To regurgitate what I already post to Instagram/Twitter/Goodreads seems overkill and it takes much more time to craft a post in Blogger than the aforementioned socials - time better spent reading.

I refer back to this space often for book, food, and random life stuff... Who knows? One day I might want to revive things. So, it'll stay on the internets for now. 

If you've visited here regularly over the years, THANK YOU. And I'm still putting all reviews on Goodreads and staying active on Instagram @EvergreensAndBookishThings Hope to see you over there!


Links are to the full reviews of the books when I first read them, with the exception of How the Light Gets In, which I read last month.

Writers and Lovers by Lily King

I almost always have a book that stays with me throughout the entire year, and this year it was Lily King's - a beautiful story of grief and hope.

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

One of the many must reads on institutional racism in America, I so appreciated Wilkerson's journalistic writing that was so clear and concise in conveying how we indeed live in a caste system.

Meet Me in Another Life by Catriona Silvey

This was my sleeper favorite for the year, and I adore a novel that is emotional and thought provoking, as well as an author that takes some risks. 

Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner

Yep, I agree with all the readers and critics - this memoir that weaves the bonds of family and food is incomparable.

Yearbook Seth Rogen

And, yes, I'm putting this memoir on my list, too! I recommend it ALL THE TIME and I still find myself chuckling about anecdotes ALL THE TIME. 

What Kind of Woman by Kate Baer

This is the first book of poetry I've put on my year end favorites, and like the others, it has stuck with me and I think so often on her words that moved me and hit me squarely in the gut. 

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

The MOST FUN reading experience I had all year. What a ROMP. This was adorable and edge-of-your-seat good times!

How the Word is Passed by Clint Smith

Another must read book on institutional racism that took on the history of slavery in America and how an entire country can delude themselves into such false narratives. 

Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr

I am a sucker for books with interconnected stories that come together in a poignant way, and Doerr's latest does that AND THEN SOME. Just a beautiful book about books, stories and how they are passed on.

How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny

This is everyone’s favorite in the Louise Penny series, right?? RIGHT!? I can’t imagine a better Gamache book than How the Light Gets In, but I have nine more to go, so…
I am so glad that I jumped right back in after the cliffhanger ending of the previous book, The Beautiful Mystery. I timed it perfectly with a Christmastime reading while being buried in snow here in Seattle. Returning to the atmosphere of Three Pines (during the holidays!), the beloved characters (some reappearing from many books back!), so much excellent relationship drama (Ruth an Jean-Guy! Gah!), the standalone mystery dovetailing so perfectly with the drama of the core characters (as per usual!), the most tension filled action sequences she has written, and the absolute perfect ending made this THE perfect book in the series for me.

I am also in love with the title, the Leonard Cohen song, and her story about asking him for the rights to use it. Just everything about it is *chef’s kiss*👌
I am slightly afraid to keep going for fear of disappointment… I almost wonder if she thought about ending the books here because it really would’ve been perfect. But, I am itching to get back into them already, so I am obviously so glad I have more in store!
If you haven’t jumped on the Louise Penny train because, as many people will tell you, it takes a few books to get immersed / why bother with that kind of investment? It is so, so worth it. Similar to some fantasy series, there is a lot of world building and as you get more immersed they become that much more meaningful and well written.


  1. I am a quarter into Cloud Cuckoo Land and though it's good, its really hard to keep track of all the details of the different storylines since I am not reading it very quickly and forgetting some of the details. But I am hoping it will start sticking in my brain soon as more of the story unfolds.

    Here are my recent reads, if interested: https://elle-alice.blogspot.com/2022/04/jan-feb-march-books-reviews.html

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