A Day in the Life (With One Photo an Hour)

It really worked out well that Miss Zoot's daily prompt for NaBloPoMo was about routines, since I had planned a 'photo an hour/day in the life' kind of post for today.  Our weekday routine is pretty consistent, and it's all about... 

  • getting the big kid to school (and the little one to preschool three days a week)
  • going to exercise on my own or at the Y
  • showering and lunch
  • some type of activity for the little one (soccer, swimming, playdate, etc. - she has something planned for every day but Tuesday, when we go to the library or just laze about) 
  • some quiet time before the big one gets home and a little bit afterward, so he can decompress before...
  • the dreaded homework hour, which I have whittled down to two nights a week, so it's not too terrible
  • dinnertime
  • a TV show for each kid 
  • bedtime routine
  • mom and dad relax time

The weekends involve much more sleeping, TV and much less homework!  Saturdays are my favorite days because for one, that's my sleep in day (my husband gets Sundays).  We take about an hour to clean the downstairs after lunch, errands, whatever.  I know, cleaning isn't fun, but a clean house is!  And we have our weekly date night dinner (in our nice clean house) after the kids go to bed.  Afterward, we make cocktails and watch new or old favorite movies.  Saturdays are like a carrot dangling at the end of every week.  

So, here's a typical-ish weekday in pictures!

7AM hour: everyone gets up, dressed, I make breakfasts and my son's lunch.
8AM hour: get everything packed up for the day: school stuff, running/gym stuff and head out the door and get kids to school.
9AM hour: exercise and shower.  Normally if I go to the Y, it's more like a two hour outing.  But, on this day, it was a 'rest' day so I just did my mile to keep the streak going.  Every other Wednesday, though, I try to go to yoga.
10AM hour: if I didn't exercise for more than an hour, time to run errands.
11AM hour: Since I didn't do yoga, I had time for a Starbucks outing on this day!
12PM hour: get the littlest, and on this day her buddy for a playdate, from preschool.  Also, instead of going straight home for lunch, I took advantage of the weather and took them to the park to play.
1PM hour: lunchtime and some time spent in my least favorite spot of the kitchen while the kids play, cleaning up after the morning and afternoon mess.  Sometimes I'll do dinner prep during this time, too - especially if it's a crock pot meal.
2PM hour: more playtime for the girls and it's time to get big brother for some of his downtime, as it's early release day.
3PM hour: homework wasn't too bad, just a few writing exercises and alphabetizing words.  As I said before, I whittle the homework down to two nights a week.  He does his daily math sheets while on the bus home, so that takes a load off.  I give him a pass on the weekly 'word work' packet he gets on Monday and we split the rest between Tuesday and Wednesday, leaving Thursday for another day off or for anything we missed.  He doesn't get to play Minecraft until he's done his work, so he's usually pretty motivated.  
4PM hour: on this day I'm packing both kids up for swim lessons.
5PM hour: the dreaded showering and changing of two kids in a very small shower space after lessons, stuffing them in the car and braving rush hour traffic to get home.
6PM hour: dinner time.  My husband finished everything up while we were out, yay!
7PM hour: each kiddo picks a Netflix show to watch before bed (they're really into Wildkrats right now) and my husband and I take turns taking them upstairs to do the nightly routine, books, etc.
8PM hour: adult TV time!  
9PM hour: more couch time, usually writing and reading with this little nugget.
And we head off to bed at 10PM, maybe 10:15 if we want to watch a bit of the news.  Exciting life we lead, eh?  I wouldn't trade it for the world.


  1. Fun! I'm totally going to have to do one of these posts :)