This Week's Eats 11.23.14 Thanksgiving Time!

Writing up the menu every year for Thanksgiving is pretty easy for me now, I just cut and paste from previous years!  I don't have much new to add this year, although I might try and make these Linzer Muffins I saw in the most recent Cooking Light issue for a weekend treat, along with our Cranberry Orange Bread.  I just love hitting the store this time of year, with all the end caps filled with yummy, festive and traditional foods.  The Ferrero Rocher boxes and cases of sparkling cider are things I NEVER buy.  But it makes me happy to see them, ya know? 

A nearly $150 trip and I was still able to use what I like to call the 'single lady' cart: as in, I am a free and breezy lady, shopping without kids!

roast turkey breast (we buy a 5lb breast and have used Alton Brown's brine recipe for about the last six years - DELICIOUS) 
classing New England style stuffing with sausage and chestnuts, I also add granny smith apples to this recipe we've been using from Cooking Light for about ten years 
hash brown potato casserole - this Cooking Light version has also been a staple of ours for many years 
crescent rolls - trying my aunt's recipe this year, wish me luck - I HATE cooking with yeast...
mixed greens salad I use the bones of this recipe, omitting chicken/bacon and add Trader Joes spicy/sweet pecans and apples
cranberry sauce - bought jarred stuff from Trader Joes this year
pumpkin pie - I just pick one up from the store as the kids are really the ones who eat it and they're not very particular about their pie
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  1. Menu looks delicious! I hate cooking with yeast as well, I avoid it at all costs :-/

  2. The timing on these linzer muffins is perfect! Tomorrow is Nick's birthday, and assuming I'm not in labor, I wanted to make him something special for breakfast. He loves linzer tarts, but making the full-on big, diner-style cookie ones is pretty messy and time consuming (especially for breakfast). Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!