Mustache Dache Race Report (aka, My Kid's First 5K)

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Well, for one thing NaBloPoMo is making me write this race recap a lot faster than I would have otherwise!  It also helps that the free race photos from Woodinville Bicycle were posted at lightning speed.  

I'm so glad I was able to run this race for the third year in a row and since it's inception (recap from the first Dache in 2012, and 2013).  What a great event, for a great cause, to call a tradition.  And it will most likely be a family tradition going forward.

Running a race with my son has been on my mind for awhile (and on my to-do list, which I'm doing HORRIBLY at this year! Ha!).  I knew that he had the maturity and energy to complete one, especially coming on the end of his soccer season.  I thought I'd take advantage of his pretty rigorous schedule (two hour and a half long practices a week and one game), in lieu of doing any kind of training program.  The Mustache Dache worked out great, as it was the first Saturday after the soccer season ended and is a PERFECT race for kids: everyone gets a medal, it has a late start, it's mostly comprised of fun-runners/walkers in silly getup, the start/finish is close to the playground at Magnuson Park, and there's a mechanical bull.  Yep.
They did add a half mile long kids dash this year, complete with capes for the kids.  This would have been just as fun and appropriate for my 7 year old.  But I really liked the idea of him getting his medal and running a race with me.  I head out the door all the time to go run a race and the kids will ask things like "Did you line up in a row?" "Were you on a track?" "Did you win?"  I thought it would be cool for him to see exactly what's involved in an everyday road race so that he could picture what I'm always off doing.  Plus, I explained to him that the race supports a charity for men's health called Movember, and what a great first run for a boy.  His response? "Yay for men's health! Wait, what month is women's health month?"  I like your gender equality thinking there, kid.

Since the race has such a lovely late start at 10AM, we arrived with plenty of time to park and have some snacks (Clif Bar samples).  I caught up with teammates and met some new ones.  This was another fun thing for my kid, meeting a bunch of people.  He's pretty outgoing, loves to chat and said 'nice to meet you!' nearly a dozen times on Saturday.
When the announcer asked everyone to head to the start, he started jumping up and down with excitement, shouting "I'm so excited!"  In case it wasn't clear.  While we were waiting in the chute, he asked about five times "How many more minutes?"  Thankfully the announcer started letting everyone know.  Finally we were off and doing a nice steady pace, I'd say around a 11-12 minute mile (no, I didn't turn on my Garmin).  
He was doing great, chatting (hey! a Minion is running! Let's beat the Minion!) and saying things like "this is awesome!" "what a pretty day!" It WAS a gorgeous day.  The one thing I should have done was bring my handheld water.  We did wander around for a good amount of time before the race and didn't drink anything.  About 3/4 of a mile in, he was saying he was thirsty.  Damn it!  At the same time, he pondered "What would you do if you had to pee?"  "Do you have to go, buddy?" He claimed he did not, he was just wondering, but by the time we saw the second Honey Bucket and I asked again, he decided to go "just in case." 
After the bathroom break we took the picture above, which was just after the first mile, and started taking walk breaks.  "Whew, my legs are getting sore!" "Man, this is tiring!" "Do you ever feel like this in a race, mom?"  Yes.  Yes, I do.  We did happen upon a water fountain half way through, so that was great and I promised he'd have plenty of water once we were done.  Once we passed the two mile marker, I reminded him of what a great job he was doing and to keep up the good work - only one mile left to go!  And then I noticed his chip timer was not on his shoe. Womp.  He took his shoes off and back on again to ride the bull, and I'm guessing it got lost right after that.  But I was a bit bummed he wouldn't have race results!  I'm thinking of trying to get mine switched for his, we'll see...  Anyway, once we rounded a corner and could see the big inflated Clif Bar arch, he asked if we could sprint.  We did as best we could, because by that point we were having to dodge dogs and strollers, but we kicked it up and raced across the finish.  Final chip time clocking in at 44:04.  Yep, it was fun, but it sure did feel like we were out there for at least that long! 

Thankfully, we scoped out the ground in the finishing area and found what was most likely his chip on the ground and returned it.  He started downing his bottle of water and thought the 'teeny bagels' were a marvel.  He also loved the playground, and we spent a good twenty minutes or more chillaxing there before heading to the car.  On our walk back, he said he couldn't wait to tell his friends (and gym teacher) that he ran three whole miles!  He turned to me and said, "Thank you mom, that was fun today. I'm really glad I got to do this with you."  And then he held out his still tiny arms for a hug.
He SLAYS me.

When we got home and regaled Sister and Daddy with our tales, my husband asked our daughter if we should all go next year.  Of course that was met with a resounding yes, and I definitely agree.  A great race for all, and for a great cause.


  1. It sounds like you have a little runner on your hands! I am so glad I got to see you and that your son had a great race.

  2. What a really fun day with your son! And he looks so cute in his little sunglasses! I have run a few 5Ks with my one son, and he is just too fast for me...we run for about 1 minute together and then I let him take off.

  3. Adorable! Congrats to your little runner!

  4. And his sweet thank you and hug afterwards is better than ANY PR EVER! Too sweet!