On Living the Puppy Life, Again

I think there are a few of my friends that will be grateful for this post with more pictures of our dog Chewie.  It seems about time that I give him a little spotlight here, and what better time than NaBloPoMo.  

When we had to say goodbye to Peeps, we had no real concrete plan as to when we'd get another dog.  Well, we knew that we would have a dog again and that it would be another Pug.  That's about it.  After a month or so we still weren't feeling ready, but knew that if we wanted another purebred baby, we'd have to start putting feelers out if we were hoping to have one by the time we were ready.  

It was around March that we sent out emails to breeders we found online and began working with one.  We decided that we wanted to get two dogs this time around, since we weren't living in a two bedroom condo on the third floor. Pugs are great in multiples, and we wanted one black and one fawn (Vader and Chewie) however we could get them.  Since the breeder's litters (and most litters) were mostly fawn, we were able to put in a deposit and get our Chewie first.  

This was probably meant to be, as I have since learned that it's not the best idea to get two puppies at the same time for various reasons: they can tend to bond with each other rather than you, follow each other's naughty behavior, and puppy TIMES TWO.  GAH.  So, we got our little guy and are aiming to get a black pup as soon as this spring, and hopefully by this summer.  But, they are rare, so we shall see.  I might have to look for other breeders, but I definitely liked working with this one.

The startling contrast between personalities of our first puppy and this one has definitely thrown us for a loop!  All Pugs are the same, right??  We're pretty certain the main reason for this contrast is lifestyle.  Peeps chillaxed at home most of the day in our condo, and had a dog walker come and play with him/walk him every day.  Then we'd all cuddle on the couch in the evenings.  Chewie gets attention from us pretty much 24/7 aaaaand has come to kind of demand it.  The kids run him in circles, literally, at least once a day and he acts like a crazy kid.  We have our hands full.  Some of the differences are fun, though, for sure.  Like his ticklish nature and his perfectly robust and curly tail.  He has the BEST Pug tail.

Then there are the startling similarities, just little things that catch us unawares like a head tilt, a snuffle, the way he tucks his tail when he runs fast...  and, of course, the way Pugs can sense an empty lap from a mile away.  Well, these things make us a little sad sometimes and nostalgic.  But, mostly, they make us so glad we got another Pug.  They really are pretty awesome.  SO! Now for a BIG PHOTO DUMP.  You're welcome, I'm sorry.  At least I made an effort to only post new pics that I haven't posted to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.


  1. Adorable! Makes me want another puppy, but we already have 2 dogs;)

  2. So. freaking. cute. Thanks for the photos!