Television: A Favorite Subject

(I'm attempting NaBloPoMo this year, where I write a post every day in the month of November.  Miss Zoot has graciously provided some prompts, and today's prompt was television.)

I've long been an avid television enthusiast.  Some of my earliest memories are of watching shows like The Muppet Show or Fraggle Rock before bed, or really old game shows like The Jokers Wild and Card Sharks.  Dating myself, much?  I even had Mork and Mindy themed PAJAMAS.  

When I went off to college, that's when my real t.v. watching skills came to fruition with the first years of The Real World on MTV, Party of Five, ER, and of course, Friends.  I also started getting into soap operas, watching them in the 'Tube Room' of our sorority house between classes.  If any of my 'sisters' are reading this, they are laughing at me because they know what I'm about to say next: I was voted 'Tube Room Queen' for at LEAST two years running.  I was stupidly angry about this, as if it marked me as lazy or something.  Seeing as how I was a Communications major with an emphasis on Media Studies, I should have just shrugged it off to STUDYING.  Alas, I know now that just because I lurrrrrve television, it does not make me a lazy person.

So, I can't talk about my memories of television without getting down to brass tacks: favorite shows and what I'm into right now!

Shows you should Netflix, Hulu, whatever, just watch them for they are arguably the best shows ever to grace our lives:

  • Friends (which is coming to Netflix! Yay!)
  • Six Feet Under 
  • Battlestar Galactica (the SciFi Channel version with Edward James Olmos, although the old show was fun, too)
  • V (in this instance, the old mini-series)
  • Sex and The City
  • Breaking Bad
  • 24
Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything on there, but I'd say that's a well rounded list.  Right now, you'll find in our DVR, Amazon Instant, and Netflix queue:

  • Friday Night Lights (FINALLY getting on board with this and I'm not sure how I was able to live without Tim Riggins in my life up until now.)
  • Veronica Mars (OK, finished this up a while ago, but it doesn't necessarily fall into 'best TV shows of all time' but SO SO GOOD and Kristen Bell is my hero.)
  • Sherlock (the current one with Benedict Cumberbatch, who can do no wrong)
  • Top Chef (I get annoyed with it from time to time, I mean, ANOTHER team competition??  But it's still great TV.)
  • The League (It's ridiculous and bawdy and hilarious and reminds me of home.)
  • Sons of Anarchy (I really wanted this to be in my top shows of all time list, but I really feel like it jumped the shark last season. I'm just watching to see how it all ends at this point.)
  • Justified (Raylan Givens is like Tim Riggins, you need him in your life.)
Alright, feel free to sound off and let me know what show I'm totally missing and must add to my queue!


  1. Netflix:
    Coupling (UK)
    Pushing Daisies
    Sports Night (DVD)

    Orphan Black

    On TV:
    Hannibal is amazing if you can handle it!

    1. I love that you commented Irwin! I tried Orphan Black, but didn't get into it - I know, I'm weird. I also HATED House of Cards, got about four shows in and just never had the desire to watch again. OINTB is definitely on my list, and I'll look into the others fo sho.

    2. Well, I can't comment on running, but now you found one of more fortes! Also legos and boardgames if you have any of those coming up...

      It took me a little while on Orphan Black too but watching her play 4 completely different people was amazing. Probably 3-4 episodes in was where it really hooked me. Still haven't seen House of Cards.

      Sports Night is Aaron Sorkin at his best. Ted is strange and hilarious. Coupling made me fall off the couch I laughed so hard (but skip season 4, stop at 3).

    3. Oh, and that's Better Off Ted. Ted is an ok movie, but Better Off Ted is brilliant TV.

  2. Your TV memories sound like mine. I had a full-on Mork and Mindy OUTFIT which was meant to be worn out and about. Yikes! I also logged a lot of QT in my sorority's TV room, although our favorites (in addition to ER and Friends) were Days of Our Lives (which we called just "Days"), My So-Called Life, and Melrose Place.

    I'm still a TV junkie by watch everything on my iPad. My favorites in the last year: Veep, Girls, Sherlock, Happy Valley (new Netlfix series), The Blacklist, and Marry Me (new NBC series).

    1. oh, I love Girls too! Yes, we called it 'Days' as well. And I'm sure I had some rainbow suspenders laying around to wear 'out and about' as well :)

  3. I recently finished Friday Night Lights and I loved it! I'm watching Greek on Netflix right now...it's weirdly intriguing to me. :) I'm sure anyone who was in a sorority/fraternity thinks it's nuts though.