This Weeks Eats 11.2.14

Ah, Halloween has come and gone, thankfully.  Although, I'm pretty happy with how it all went down this year.  There wasn't too much stress with parties or too many obligations, costumes were easy and the kids seemed pretty laid back about it all.  We do a local 'safe Halloween' on Main Street and the kids trick or treat at all the businesses while they close the street to just pedestrians.  Afterwards, I take them around our neighborhood and there's usually a lot of whining to go to 'just one more house.'  This year, though, they were totally cool with finishing up and getting into their loot.

my Minecraft Enderman and Fairy Princess
Hopefully this is how things continue for Halloweens to come.  For now, it's time to start celebrating the REAL holidays, to start eating delicious food and drink delicious things like Baileys!
It's officially the holidays when we get our 1.75L bottle for the season, which we did this weekend.

Last week, the 'Fancy Pants' chicken dish was a real disappointment.  I used my own fresh and dried herbs, in lieu of a prepackaged soup mix, but I'm thinking that even with the packet it would have been just blah.  However, the Butter Roasted Tomato Sauce from Bon Apetit was delicious!  It tasted like an elevated version of our basic Pomodoro sauce - probably because of all that butter, even though I used six tablespoons instead of eight.  Plus, it was lovely to just toss everything into the oven.  This week: 
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  1. I love having Bailey's on hand for the holiday's too! Always nice to have an after dinner bailey's & coffee! Meal plan looks delicious...mac & cheese is my favorite! :)