Things I Learned During NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo November 2014

Part of me is ASTOUNDED that I wrote something every single day in November.  Well, I will have by tomorrow, as This Weeks Eats is pretty much written.  Yet, another part of me has realized that I make time for stuff I love to do.  Running, reading, cooking - all stuff I make time for every day.  One of my favorite classes in high school, and one that I got consistent A's in, was rhetoric.  So, yeah, I enjoy writing.  

One thing I learned was that if you have the time and the inclination, and the words are flowing, write a BUNCH of posts.  I think there have been nights when I've banged out up to three in one sitting.  Then I'll just go re-read and tweak them the day I publish.  This is basic blogging for dummies.  But, it's come in handy for someone who only writes two to three times a week.  I find it similar to when I get a bug to clean and then end up cleaning the whole house when I meant to do one bathroom.

And if I didn't have the inclination, I just gave myself a set time to write - even a few minutes.  Some nights I'd sit with a topic, look at the clock and say, "OK.  Write for the next fifteen minutes and then you can shut it down."  More often than not, I'd get in a groove and be able to finish what I started and go beyond that fifteen minutes.  Much like exercise - just get out the door and give it fifteen minutes and usually you want to keep going.

I also learned that even the weirdest of topics can be expounded upon and resonate with others.  I mean, who would've thought a post about LAUNDRY would spark conversation?  But it did!  Maybe in the future, I'll try to post a little more and just run with it even if it seems like a small or random topic.  (Not for awhile, though - I'm gonna take a little breather in December!)

Hopefully it wasn't all total filler.  I did have the opportunity to try Class Pass and a few new workouts to talk about, which was timely.  And it was cool to utilize a few fun prompts, which definitely got some writing cobwebs out of my brain and some entertaining interaction with my family and friends.  That right there is the best part of blogging, the connections I make with family and friends, new and old.

Thanks for putting up with me over the last month!


  1. It has been really fun to read your posts this month! Congratulations on completing nablopomo!