If You Could Go Anywhere in the World, Where Would You Go?

(I'm attempting NaBloPoMo this year, where I write a post every day in the month of November.  Miss Zoot has graciously provided some prompts, and today's was an awesome one related to travel.)

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The prompt from Kimberly was a really great take on the title of this post.  Sure, the question is posed quite a bit, but I have a hard time answering because I want to go to different places for different reasons.  I love that she broke it down into three categories:

If you could spend ONE WEEK anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If you could spend ONE MONTH anywhere in the world, where would you go?
If you could spend ONE YEAR anywhere in the world, where would you go?

This makes answering the question so much easier!  I've been so lucky to have traveled to many far flung places.  All thanks to my mom who is crazy about travel.  We've been all over: London (twice), Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence, Pisa, ALL over Greece, and parts of Turkey.  I bet I'm even forgetting some places.  My mom also allowed me to go on a two week long trip to France one summer with my AP French class.  We traveled all over Northern France, including a trip to Omaha Beach and, of course, to Paris.  
The Blue Mosque 

no caption needed!
Sometimes I get a bug to travel to a new place.  One day I'd love to see New Zeland and Australia, Ireland and Scotland, and maybe see what all the fuss is over Hawaii.  Mostly, I want to go back to the places I've been so fortunate to visit.  So!  If I had one week?  That's easy, I'd head to Mexico, back to Cabo with my husband.  Prior to having kids, my husband and I were on a kick of visiting a different city in Mexico every year.  We've been to Cancun (just after we got engaged), Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo for our honeymoon.   
Honeymoon trip
Last vacay together, in Cabo - that's the 7 year old in there, not too much guac.
This is my response to that question, if there weren't three different ways to answer. if I could go anywhere - I would go and sit next to my husband at a pool with a view of the ocean, a drink and a book (without the kids).  Cabo has my favorite restaurant in the world, and even though I could achieve the pool vacay in Hawaii and try something new, I would rather go with something I know.  Plus, I don't think they have fresh guacamole everywhere you go in Hawaii, right?

BUT!  Since we are answering more than one question: if I could go anywhere in the world for a month?  I'd go home to Chicago, of course!  This would be a trip with the whole family and we'd take the kids to see our family and all the amazing sights and activities we now realize we were so privileged to have growing up.  The Brookfield Zoo, The Field Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry, the Shedd, The Art Institute...  The list, it is long.  So is the list of things we would eat, but I think we could cover it in a month.
Yep, lots of this.
Lastly, I love this question of where would you go for a year.  One of my big regrets was never doing study abroad when I was in college.  I think living for a year abroad would be absolutely amazing.  And, next to Mexico, the other place that I'd just love, love, love to return to would be London.  If you read Janssen's blog, you must know that I am INSANELY jealous of her right now.  I think it would be such a wonderful experience for the kids and for us to live abroad for a year.  That way, it would be so easy to visit lots of NEW places (like Scotland and Ireland) from London.  Plus, Indian food.  
Thank goodness Starlight Express is at least still touring.  And, I do miss good public transportation - hard to come by here in Seattle.
Now I have some serious wanderlust contemplating all of this...  We might try to do a much shorter version of the trip home sometime soon, and that trip to Mexico WILL HAPPEN dammit.  


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