This Weeks Eats

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  The Oiselle Team had an amazing weekend down in Eugene (a first and third place finisher in the half!) and I've got total race envy.  Also, Sweat Once a Day had the most inspiring race recap.

The healthy kids day at the Y was a huge success and I'll probably post some pics from that tomorrow - today is the day to talk about foooooood.  Before getting into this week's eats, I have to give an update on the Pinterest experiments from last week: Drunken creamy chicken was just meh, but the Greek turkey meatball salad was a HUGE success.  For one thing, kids like meatballs, so it was a win on that front.  Plus, the recipe made a TON of meatballs and now I have a bunch in the freezer just ready to thaw and plop on the veggies for a super fast dinner down the road.  Lastly, it gave me an excuse to buy the Trader Joes Greek feta dressing and now I have a new favorite salad dressing.  SO GOOD and SO GOOD with the meatball salad. 
So on to this week:

  • Monday - Pizza, yes pizza
  • Tuesday - Chicken/veggies stir fried with Trader Joes Red Curry sauce and brown rice
  • Wednesday - another Pinterest experiment: spaghetti in garlic sauce with cherry tomatoes
  • Thursday - roasted garlic and sea salt Mahi Mahi filets from Costco with green beans and roasted red potatoes
  • Friday - Country Club chicken - another Pinterest recipe that we tried awhile back and it's pretty tasty - weird, but addictive
  • Saturday - girls night out at Palettes and Pairings!  Never done this before, should be interesting... I will definitely share my masterpiece with y'all, whether it's with pride or complete shame.
  • Sunday - crock pot barbacoa tacos - another tested and approved Pinterest recipe


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