Breaking Free

SO, I just wanted to take a moment, more than 140 characters, to rave about my new Oiselle acquisition. Over the last couple of years, compression items seem to have really taken off and I totally jumped on board. But, most of the compression pants out there are SUPER thick lycra and are like putting on pantyhose. Now, I'm certainly not throwing out my trusty CW-X. That kind of pant has it's merits: I feel super slim lookin' in them, they support my muscles, and keep me toasty warm. But the sun is shining bright today and the just the thought of another summer in thick compression fabric has me breaking out into a sweat...
Enter the Lesley Knicker! The fabric strikes a perfect balance of being thin/but not too thin, and has mesh panels on the hips and behind the knees for added breathability (is that a word?). I have yet to come across another pair of pants with this awesome feature, which will come in handy this summer. They are so comfy and soft with just enough support so that I don't feel like my jiggly bits are a-jiggling while I move. And, in my opinion, the contrast stitching is quite flattering. They also have a super subtle non-chafey (is THAT a word?) drawstring that kept them in place without cutting into my waist when I broke them in on a 6 and then 4 mile run. That is the WORST when you have to hike up yer pants while running. If you, too, are looking to break free from the binds of thick lycra compression and want to lighten up a bit as the weather warms - these are awesome. And if anyone reading this is wondering: no, Oiselle didn't ask me break out a review - I just love 'em! Thank you Kristin for sending them :) I may even wander into shorts territory this summer (where I have not ventured for YEARS) with the long Roga, which gets all the spotlight... poor Lesley.


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