Marine Biologist, Artiste, Sex Ed Teacher?

The other day my five year old told me he wanted to be a fireman, a Transformer (good choice) or a mailman (he looooves checking the mail - highlight of his day).  Although, if he knew there was such a thing as a marine biologist, I bet he would have included that in his list.  He's always loved Finding Nemo and Ponyo; but, ever since a recent trip to the aquarium, he's been slightly obsessed with the stuffed whale he acquired at the gift shop.  You know, the gift shop you need to go through to exit the building?  Yeah, that one.  Here he is with 'Humphrey' the humpback whale:

Also, I must add a picture of the two year old's ridiculously awesome acquisition from the gift shop.  I kinda want to steal it, it's so freaking cute.  Please to enjoy, 'Seattle' the Seal:

It's like Puss in Boots when he gives THE LOOK.  And you see there on the momma's belly? That's a little BABY seal in a wee wittle pocket - and when you squeeze it, it squeaks.  I die.  And I digress...

So yeah, we go to the Seattle Aquarium, which has ZERO whales and we come outta there obsessed by them.  Man, I can't wait to take him to the Shedd one day - his mind: BLOWN.  Maybe we'll try to get on a whale watching boat this summer and see some orcas.  He's also keeping with the sea life theme in his art at school:

'Giant Squid'
'Blue Whale'

His teachers picked up on his love of whales and gave him a book from the school library to borrow, all about whales.  Very cool, although yesterday I think he said the word 'sperm' at least a dozen times.  He seems very comfortable with it - me? Not as much...


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