How cool is it that our local Y sits right on a trail and all of my runs start off with this view:

Usually there are ducks along this section of the trail - soon there will be lil' baybeee chicks. awww.

I can just drop off my kiddos and get right onto the trail.  I came across this guy the other day on one of my longer runs that hooks up with the Lake Sammamish Trail:

Speaking of the Lake Sammamish Trail, THIS is conveniently located right alongside it:

That would be Redhook Brewery, a great place to start/end a run and it's home base for a lot of great races.  Races that include things like this:

This was after the RAC to Redhook fitness run.  mmmmm.

I sometimes wonder if I'd have been bitten by the running bug if we were still living in Chicago.  Sure, there's the lakefront, and I ran along it quite a bit in my twenties.  But, that's because my apartment was a mere half mile from the path.  By the time we bought a condo, yeaaah, not so close.  I get frustrated nowadays if I have to cross more than one stoplight.  And the winters?  Omigod.  I think I only skipped one or two runs outside because of the cold this year.  Seattle is just one of the best cities for running.  We talk a lot about what it would be like to move back home one day.  If or when we do, I would really miss (among many other things) running the trails.


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