Friday Things

So here's some randomness from this week. 

I tried to do a more complicated fartlek on the treadmill yesterday and it went pretty well.  The 'Mona' fartlek I read about in the latest Runner's World Magazine, if you're looking to mix it up on the treads: 

Named after Steve Monegehetti, a champion Australian marathoner who included this in his training.

Start with 10 minutes of easy running then do:

Two pickups of:
90 seconds hard followed by 90 seconds of easy recovery running
Four pickups of:
60 seconds hard followed by 60 seconds of easy recovery running
30 seconds hard followed by 30 seconds of easy recovery running
15 seconds hard followed by 15 seconds of easy recovery running

Finish with an easy 10 minutes of running.

I also upped the pace by .1 on each set, gaining 1.2 mph overall on both the easy and hard parts.  Although, my brain kinda hurt trying to remember how many sets I had finished/had left to go.  I think I'll take your advice Meg and just do 4 minutes hard/1 minute easy next time, to give my noggin a week off of such a taxing venture!

Also, thanks for nothing to Penny for posting the following video to Facebook the other day and adding a totally awesome guilty pleasure song to my playlist full of cheesy pop hits.  This just makes me think about the days of my youth and when we'd drink out of red solo cups.  There I go, reminiscing again.  Oh well. LOVE:

Speaking of videos, I finally got out to see The Hunger Games with some friends last night.  Team Peeta?  Team Gale?  OMG even though I read the book years ago, I still can't decide!  I thought the casting was great and there were no moments of me rolling my eyes in annoyance, like when I watch Twilight movies.  Anyhoo, was psyched to see this trailer because I'm a total sci-fi nerd.  I watched all of BSG practically in one week, (please tell me you know what that stands for), I love Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Stephen Spielberg, JJ Abrams and my husband and I are already making plans to go see The Avengers this summer.  Now Ridley Scott is finally returning to scifi.  I am atingle with anticipation:

And, lastly, I think I might have to make a whiskey sour now thanks to Food Lush Blog.  Maybe after eating a nice big steak dinner.... 

Happy Friday everyone!


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