Friday Things

Has everyone seen this P&G Olympics ad yet?  Just in case you haven't...

I'm sure there were many mothers watching their children sweat it out in Boston this week.  So many amazing stories from Monday, I could literally not keep up with my Twitter account!  I am in awe of those of you who achieved such an amazing feat.  (Shoutout links to the Oiselle teammates who are 2012 Boston Marathon finishers) 

And when they get race pics, I'm sure they'll all look like ridiculously photogenic guy

And on a completely unrelated note (because that's what 'Friday Things' is about - randomness), if you have a girl child, here's something that gave me food for thought on what Lego set you might want to buy.... Leggo My Lego from livelyivy via NotMartha:

Have a fantastic weekend - I'm resting up now for a run tomorrow morning on what my friend, who does Crossfit (and COMPETES with her affiliate team in Crossfit), calls the Hills of Death.  Noooot sure what I'm getting myself into.  Hopefully I'll live to report back on how 'deathly' they are...


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