This weeks eats!

Aaaaaand of course it starts to rain as soon as the kids start spring break!  I had high hopes for lots of outdoor park time this week.  At least we have this fab weather pattern out here called 'sun breaks.'  This is a term that I was completely unfamiliar with until making the big move to Seattle.  As I type, the room just lit up with beautiful sunlight - and dust motes, but I'm choosing not to look at those.  Moving right along...

  • Monday - pizza.  Maybe I should just omit this bullet point altogether because it's kind of redundant...?
  • Tuesday - the roasted red pepper pasta with walnuts and goat cheese got pushed back to this week due to a little girls nite dinner outing.  Love when that happens.
  • Wednesday - green chile enchiladas, from the freezer.  I made these enchiladas (an awesome recipe from mels kitchen cafe) a few weeks ago and just doubled everything but the cheese/sauce.  Then I rolled up the tortillas/filling and stuck 'em in a ziplock to use with whatever sauce/cheese combo after thawing.
  • Thursday - a chicken strata recipe from Art Smith (chef at Table Fifty-Two in Chicago).  I found this in People magazine of all places..  We use broccoli instead of asparagus in this dish - just seems to work better.
  • Friday - Stuffed sole filets from Trader Joes and I'm gonna try to convince my husband to eat roasted brussel sprouts as a side dish.  My vegetarian friend ordered them when we had our girls dinner out (at Purple Cafe) and I couldn't stop stealing them - want to attempt them at home.
  • Saturday - husband sent me the link to this recipe from msnbc for short ribs, so we're gonna give that a go with some brown rice and maybe bok choy
  • Sunday - chopped salad (again - I could eat chopped salads almost every day) with chicken, bacon, avocado, red and green onions, tomatoes, blue cheese and my homemade champagne vinaigrette.
Hope no one's having a 'case of the Mondays' and that this might help with your meal planning!


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