This Week's Eats

First off, Happy Memorial Day!  I hope everyone is having an enjoyable day, or long weekend if you're so fortunate.  I am thankful for the men and women who serve and have served our country; freedom doesn't come for free.  My dad was a Marine, and I only say 'was'/use past tense because he died when I was young.  More detail on that another day...  I certainly think of him on this day and how he'd always say, "Once a Marine, always a Marine!"  He would never use the past tense. :)

I was very thankful for my 'free' day of a long run while my husband took the kids to a park.  Although I think I ate a fistful of cottonwood while I was out there.  Man, it looks like it's snowing 'round these parts.  Anyhoo...

Our stockpile of freezer meals is getting a bit out of control, so I've got a number of encores on this week's menu:

  • Monday - Pizza, as usual
  • Tuesday - Pioneer Woman's Farfalle with Zucchini (pushed this back a week because we got lazy and went out for dinner last week)
  • Wednesday - Greek Turkey Meatball salad (mmmm, unfreezing those meatballs for this awesome salad)
  • Thursday - Pioneer Woman's 'Fancy' Mac and Cheese (made double last go 'round and just popping it out of the freezer) with roasted broccoli
  • Friday - salad, rice and grilled chicken with a fave marinade: chopped scallions, equal parts honey and olive oil with a few good dashes of hot sauce and paprika; it also makes for a good dipping sauce
  • Saturday - Korean BBQ Short Ribs and mashed potatoes (we LOVED this recipe and saved 1/2 the ribs in the freezer to grill 'em up again)
  • Sunday - spicy avocado chicken enchiladas (this week's pinterest experiment)


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