May: Celebration Overload

Let's start with a study in which we compare a five year old and a two year old's reaction to being sung 'Happy Birthday' and presented a cupcake:

Five year old:

La, la, la - I'm not going to look at anyone singing to me.  I might just turn around in my THRONE and maybe even LICK it (!?@# OMG kids are weird) to avoid this attention.  But, eventually I'll come around and blow out the candles and pose for a picture.

Two year old:

OMG stop singing and trying to take pictures of me and give me the damn cupcaaaaaaaaake!!  Wait, do I want this cupcake.  Fine, I'll eat it, but I won't enjoy it and WILL NOT pose for a picture with you.

Oh birthday fun.  It was a good year for the kiddos, though.  Starting with baby girl's celebrations last Thursday with cupcakes and gifts with just us family.  Then a midweek trip to everyone's favorite restaurant for kid celebrations, Red Robin.  Saturday was big brother's birthday bash at the Children's Museum in Everett and we capped it all off with a visit from Grandma.  Gifts that went over big this year: a penguin 'Dreamlite' and Rescuebot for big brother, then a Toodee doll (of Yo Gabba Gabba fame) and shopping cart for baby girl to push all around my hardwood floors.

Next up: Mother's Day!  I got to celebrate early with a Mother's Day tea at preschool where the kids sang us songs, gave us flowers and a handmade card.  The teacher shared the particulars of each kid's card and we got to guess who it belonged to.  This was mine:

Apparently I am ELEVEN years old!  WIN.  Another kid said his mom was in the 300 range, so I feel I lucked out here.  Kids are weird, man.  I have no idea what he's talking about with me being pretty when I 'go to a wedding.'  Another kid had this answer, so I'm guessing he just copied it??  Some other funny ones were she's pretty 'when she does laundry' and 'when she wears her pajamas.'  Also, I cannot remember the last time I juggled - high school maybe?  I have no idea where he got this tidbit.  He does tickle me, so I guess he gets some points for that.  And I DO make him pancakes every weekend, glad he notices...  The lovely illustration is supposed to be him, me and his grandma.  Aw.  He's been fawning all over her this week.  As we were eating our cookies afterwards, he took my carnation that had several blooms and pulled them apart to make sure grandma had some, too.  His heart, it is huge. 


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