This Weeks Eats

I hope everyone had a fabulous mother's day yesterday, whether celebrating yourself, your mother, wife, sister or friend. I had a perfect day, with the exception of not getting a run in.  I have to admit, though, this is not my ideal running weather.  I'd rather be sittin' with an iced coffee than pounding the pavement when it's above 70 and sunny.  Anyhoo, I hung around my kids for the fun parts of the day: the eating parts!  We had pancakes together for breakfast (not in bed, I'm kiiiind of a 'Monica' if you get my drift) and then a nice family lunch at Chipotle (mmmm) after I sat undisturbed at a Starbucks to read all morning while daddy took the kids out to ride their bikes.  Then I took off to do some solo shopping (although grocery shopping had to be on the agenda) and came home after my husband had secured the punks in their rooms for afternoon siestas.  Suhweet.  Did some more reading and capped the evening off with my favorite dinner salad on a warm sunny day.  Speaking of salads, gonna try another new one this week...

  • Monday - Pizza (a friend just told me that Little Ceasars has a $5.99 takeout deal, might have to investigate this...)
  • Tuesday - penne with goat cheese and tomatoes trying out a new Pinterest recipe but I'm substituting basil for the arugula because I like the taste better and it's hard to find arugula at the store, I tried
  • Wednesday - basil tilapia filets from Costco and I'm going to try making this pinterest recipe for twice baked cauliflower
  • Thursday - this is the new salad we're trying this week, from For the Love of Cooking a Mexican chopped salad with cumin vinaigrette
  • Friday - Eggplant Parmesan - we follow our favorite Chicken Parmesan recipe and substitute eggplant
  • Saturday - top sirloin steaks with herb butter (we make a bunch with parsley, chives, garlic and lots of salt and pepper and just keep it in the freezer until we need it), baked potatoes and sliced tomato and onion salad with blue cheese dressing
  • Sunday - a favorite chipotle chicken chowder that we make almost every other week in the wintertime, but break it out every once in awhile when we miss it in the warmer months


  1. Your menus have me drooling. Inspiring me to put a little more effort into our meals.