Friday Things

Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post.  I have a LOT of food for thought on whether to get on the marathon train.  My immediate decision is to get through my next two half marathons and see how I feel at the end of the year, both mentally and physically. 

It's birthday fever 'round these parts.  This happened two years and one day ago:

That's a lovely postpartum puffy me and baby girl.

And THIS happened just six days shy of five years ago:

That'd be big brother.

Yep, my kids are exactly three years and one week apart in age.  Will make for interesting birthday times ahead.  Although for now, it's nice that they both get presents at pretty much the same time and I'm not having to deal with birthday jealousy in this hiz-ouse. 

I'll do a big round up post on all the birthday fun next week for ya mom. :)

Speaking of babies...  In the spirit of fun Friday randomness, and videos, just want to make sure everyone has seen this week's Youtube funny:

I also must let everyone know that I have discovered Bic Bands and, HELLO, they are hella awesome!!  I've tried so many different headbands for working out: every cheap one imaginable from Target, then Lululemon ones, and Zella ones.  Nothing ever stays on my head, even with the little rubberized whatsits on the inside.  So I made the decision to just stuff my hair under a hat and have pretty much worn a hat on every run.  Thinking about summer and not wanting to wear a hat ALL the time, I finally ordered a Bic Band and, lo, they are the answer to my prayers.  Here's a nice sweaty pic of me around 1pm, after putting on the band at 9am to run around town with the kids, a 4 mile run and abs/stretching on the floor:

My hair did not move or pouf up at all and I never had to futz with it.  WIN.

Happy weekend all!  Keep me in your prayers as I try to make it through my five year old's birthday party tomorrow with my sanity intact... 


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