This Week's Eats

Man, I hate it when Chicago has to be in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.  If it were any other city, the same shenanigans would be going on - hopefully it's not reflecting too badly on my beloved hometown.  Hey, remember when this was all over the TV?  Let's remember this stuff!

Speaking of home, it's factoring into this week's menu plan because my husband has caved and ordered us some Portillos hot dogs!  Wahoo!  Ah, if only they could ship the fries... 
  • Monday - Pizza, perhaps from Spartas because, damn, the small taste we got from big brother's field trip was pretty good for non-Chicago pizza.
  • Tuesday - Alpine Chicken - this is that casserole recipe I think everyone has come across at some point: chicken breasts topped with swiss cheese, cream of mushroom soup thinned out with water (and a little white wine if ya want) and topped with cubed stuffing that's been tossed with a little butter.  Bake at 350 for an hour, covered with foil for the first half hour.  mmmm, cheesy baked goodness.
  • Wednesday - PORTILLOS
  • ThursdayPioneer Woman's Farfalle with Zucchini
  • Friday - trying a crockpot Jumbalaya
  • Saturday - spaghetti with meatballs al forno
  • Sunday - baked taquitos with shredded beef instead of chicken (we froze what was leftover from our barbacoa beef tacos) 


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