Friday Things

I'm writing this Friday's things in haste because SOMEONE has decided today is not the day to nap.  Grrrrr.  She's probably been hanging with @honesttoddler - this is one of the funniest twitter handles EVER. 

"Mommy asked what I wanted for snack. I said sprinkles & butter. She laughed and put it on facebook. omg. :("

Or this gem:

"Toddler Tip: Don't let "We don't have that" stop you from repeating your request over & over with steadily increasing urgency."

Maybe there will be a sitcom down the road, like @shitmydadsays.  Oh, and of course, @shitgirlssay is full of great gems if you're looking for some daily funny.

Second random Friday thing, this article from Competitor about training slower to race faster was an interesting read.  I like the idea of trying to slow down even MORE on my long runs!  Although, it's hard enough to fit those ones in without making them longer, but it's definitely something I'm going to try and incorporate leading up to my next half in July.

Tomorrow is the Seattle's Best 15K and I'm super excited to run this distance because around mile 9 is when I start to fade in the half.  I'm NOT super excited about the wake up time.  Since it's downtown, there's no pre-race packet pickup and it starts at 7am, I'm looking at a 4:30ish wake up time.  Aaaargh.  But, then I will be DONE and home hopefully no later than 10am to have the whole day to play with my family.

Lastly, I love when people share playlists songs and I thought I'd share the latest addition to mine, Tiesto's remix of Youngblood by The Naked and Famous.  Two great tastes that taste great together!  Love when my more current music rotation (The Naked and Famous) collaborates with the music of my younger days; yes, I've actually been to a few Tiesto shows.  Shocking, I know.  Ah, our younger days...

This photo is over ELEVEN years old - taken in the VIP booth at Baby's, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. 'course, the club is called Body English now - I think it's been through at least two or three names in between. Man, I feel old...  But I'm probably, no definitely, in better shape than I was back then.  So there is that. :)


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