If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes

I always have the same advice for new parents; when asked, of course!  Never give unsolicited advice to parents - especially if you are NOT a parent.  Anyway, I advise not to get used to anything - not one routine/behavior/habit/etc. because it'll change whether it's a good or bad thing.  Just be thankful when things are good and just know that it WILL eventually end when things go bad.  With the first kid, man, I thought I would NEVER SLEEP AGAIN EVER EVER EVER OMG.  Then they sleep through the night and it's AWESOME.  Yeah, don't get used to it.  Then they decide to start waking up at 5 AM.  Thankfully my kids are back to sleeping until 7 AM, but there's always something that's changing: maybe they'll nap today, maybe not!  Maybe they'll eat today, maybe not!  Maybe they'll go to the bathroom on the toilet, maybe not!  Lather, rinse, repeat.  When my daughter was born, things really 'hit the fan' with my already intense and emotional kid.  The other day a friend of mine sent along this photo that was taken a few weeks after baby girl was born and big brother was having another meltdown. 

I suppose pictures DO say a thousand words; a choice few of them being: frustrated, exasperated, tired, hopeless, *postpartum, BLARGH.  My husband and I look ready to spit nails.  (Also, awww, cute wittle baby girl socks peeking out of the nursing cover!)  I certainly felt like these tantrum-y days would never end.  I can take my own advice when it comes to his sister most of the time: awww, she's having a FIT!  Isn't it funny!?  Yet I STILL cannot imagine big brother past the current state of affairs, whatever they may be.  But, right now, I don't want things to change at all...

We've come a long way and are at a place I could never have envisioned two years ago.  So, whatever is frustrating, exasperating, tiring you in your life: wait five minutes and the weather will change.  Promise.  And if things are good in your life: take the time to enjoy it!

*HEY, let's just gloss over the size of my ARMS and ANKLES and FACE and overall BODY in this picture, mmmmkay?  HOLY CRAP.  No wonder I was at the gym ASAP after my last (and I mean LAST) pregnancy...


  1. Love this post! So true! I wonder if there are any pictures like this of me floating around where I'm about to practically murder someone. Then 2 minutes later all is fine. What tantrum?

    Ah parenting is so dysfunctional! Hope your race goes well tomorrow.

  2. omg, I know - my friend was like, yeaaah, I didn't think you'd want it at the time. but as she was looking thru pics 2 years later, she thought I'd appreciate it now!

    thanks for the good race vibes - will talk soon :)

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    1. well, thanks for the inspiration and for sending the pic :)