Friday Things

Ahhh, perfect summer Friday.  Kids and I sleep a bit later on Fridays ('til 7:30! whee!) because there's no preschool and we all go to the Y.  Since it's been gorgeous out pretty much every weekend for nearly two months, we also try to get to the park on Fridays for some vitamin D.  Today was awesome because we had the place to ourselves and I was smart enough to bring baby girl a ride on toy:

They did this over and over for nearly a half hour while I ate my sushi, checked Twitter and drank my iced caramel macchiato.  So nice they were able to play and entertain each other.  Usually we run into friends and it's fun because I can catch up with my mom buddies, but it's rather chaotic with the kids.  Today, I rather enjoyed the solitude.

I also wore my Rogas for a little hill workout and tried to get some color on my neon white legs while at the park.  This is HUGE.  Before taking the shorts plunge with the Rogas, the only type of shorts I'd leave the house wearing start with the word 'Bermuda' and even then, that's pushing the envelope.  Here, I even took a PICTURE!

Love these things. They DO NOT ride up in the crotch area and are super flattering on the backside. My phone doesn't take great pics, but here's the general idea.

I am willing to take a picture of my backside in these things people!  Once Upon a Lime does a great job of explaining the greatness - with better photos and VIOLET Rogas. 

And for my last Friday random tidbit; there's been a bit of chatter about our ages on Twitter over the last couple of days and I suppose I'm totally revealing my age (well, in just over two years) when I say that I cannot wait to see 'This Is Forty.'  Enjoy the trailer below and your long holiday weekend!


  1. They look good on you and I bet those hills didn't even stand a chance against you in them!

  2. I can't wait to try these rogas I've heard so much about. Some day!! I LOVE that movie trailer! I hope it turns out to be a good one! :)