This Weeks Eats

This weeks eats list is a bit uneventful since we pushed back a meal from last week (decided to go to Red Robin one night for the kiddos birthdays) and because my mom is coming to visit this week - YAY!  So we're keeping things simple.

  • Monday - Pizza
  • Tuesday - crock pot barbacoa tacos (from last week)
  • Wednesday - hot dogs (easy meal for busy night with swim lessons and mom's arrival)
  • Thursday - satay chicken with peanut sauce (from Trader Joes!) and roasted broccoli (I froze the marinade I had from the last time we made this dish, so all we have to do is throw the chicken on the grill and the broccoli in the oven) 
  • Friday - date night dinner out! not sure where we're going yet - probably for mexican and margaritas...
  • Saturday - rigatoni with arrabiata sauce (yep, this is a frequent meal 'round here)
  • Sunday - homemade chopped salad w/chicken, bacon, avocado, etc. again :)
To liven things up, please to enjoy, my masterpiece from Palettes and Pairings!

If you're a local yokel, I highly recommend checking them out.  It was a fun way to get re-introduced to my creative side.  I don't think I've picked up a paintbrush that small since high school.  The glass of wine included in the deal definitely helped.  It was really fun to see everyone's different interpretations on the painting being taught. 

The owner asked me and my friends to 'strike a pose' and this is how creative we got with that...  Anyhoo, it's a husband and wife team that just decided to start this thing up and now they're a thriving small bizness.  Very cool.  PLUS, Purple Cafe and Wine Bar is right across the street!  


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