Friday Things

First, and most exciting Friday thing, I'm SO fortunate to be an ambassador for Oiselle; you know, the super awesome women’s running/general sweating apparel company with perfect fitting tees, tanks and shorts that don't have 'crotch creep.'  They're having a contest where you and your BFF could win a trip to the Olympic Trials in Eugene in total VIP style.  Check it out below and click on the big picture to find more info! 

Speaking of running, since grandma is in the hiz-ouse to watch the kiddos, I decided to tackle some of the hills 'round our house this morning.  Oyyy.  I forgot what a pain they are, but they're good for me - I really have to keep up with hill workouts because most races in the Pacific Northwest are gonna include a hill or two.  I got through at least three big ones (100+ ft elevation gain) and enough little ones to get my total climb to 427 ft today.  Not quite the hills of death workout, but still HILLS.  I have a theory that fear of hills is like the opposite of the fear of hights: just don't look UP.

We've been so glad to have grandma time 'round these parts this week.  It'll be sad when that comes to an end tomorrow.  It's soooo nice to be able to leave the house during naptime!  I am not a prisoner in my own home!

And it's so nice for the kids to spend time with her doing everyday things like snuggling on the couch, going out to lunch or feeding the ducks. 

Hope you're having a fabulous Friday and are getting as much vitamin D as we are.  And now, I will leave you with this video, which makes me love the Harvard baseball team, dudes that are secure in their masculinity, and this song even more:


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