Friday (night) Things

This is a wee bit late in the day for Friday Things, but at least it's not late enough to call it Saturday things!  I was with a latte and my book during the time I usually write.  Every couple of weeks my husband works from home and on a few of those days he sends me off to Starbucks with my book during the kiddos quiet time, ahhhh. 

Thankfully his business trip didn't end up happening this week; although, I'm bummed about not getting down to Eugene!  At least I have an inside peek into what's going on down there with my VERY busy Twitter feed, in addition to the regular coverage on NBC Sports network.

One of my fav pics that I lifted from the Oiselle Twitter feed of the gals with Lauren Fleshman (on the right)

Lauren's 5000m race to qualify for the finals was one of my favorite trials moments. That and following the Oiselle teammates that are racing.
Moving on to fun random things... I haven't seen any great videos this week, but my brother shared this on Facebook the other day and just about died laughing.

Speaking of funny pictures, my Uglyracepics made it onto The Boring Runner's blog and I couldn't be more proud!  FYI, if you haven't already heard of Ugly Race Pics, it's totally voluntary and when Erica Sara put a request out to share our ugly, well I felt I had to oblige with my hideous picture.  You know, the one the photog takes in the last tenth of a mile when you're digging deep and gunning for the finish.  OK, I'll stop stalling.  I shared it on my first post, and here it is again:

What sucks even more about bad race pics is that it HARDLY looks like I'm gunning it and that my feet are barely leaving the ground. 

Happy weekend, go listen to some Daft Punk - here's an old fav that I love on long runs: Steam Machine.


  1. I looooove that picture of you! So awesome!

  2. I love that photo from Oiselle too. That trip looked like SO much fun!