Friday Things and Mother Runner Party!

SO cool to be invited to take part in the Mother Runner house party while Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell were in Seattle for the Rock n' Roll Expo.  Not so cool?  Traffic from HELL.  Thankfully another mother runner that I know IRL (<-apparently that's the acronym all the cool kids use to denote 'in real life') reached out to me through my blog, professing her love for SBS and Dimity and thus I invited her to be my trusty navigator.  I HATE driving downtown Seattle.  Us Midwesterners are used to one big grid where all the streets go in a straight line and you can see your exit on the highway MILES ahead of time.  Not the case in the Pacific Northwest.  And, of course, it was the perfect storm of traffic hell: the 520 bridge was closed and there was a major accident on I5.  We were about a half an hour late, but still had about 20 minutes to say hello to a few people and drink some sangria.  I didn't get to inspect nearly as many name tags as I would have liked, so if I didn't get a chance to say hello to you, "HI!"

That'd be me on the right and my mother runner companion Lindsay

After the mingling, DImity and SBS interspersed hilarious readings from their new book (Train Like a Mother) with TONS of giveaways: Yurbuds, Champion bras, Altra shoes, Lucy gift certificates, Oakleys, body glide, Nuun!, and one lucky mommy won a Mountain Buggy stroller. 

Photo: So glad to have met these awesome women last night! If you're a mom who runs, check out Run Like a Mother or their latest, Train Like a Mother - with several plan for distances ranging from 5k to 26.2. Great read!

I scored a Clean Bottle and the goodie bags were chock full of cool stuff: lots of coupons for the giveaways mentioned above, Nuun, Gu, Justin's Nut Butter, Hylands cough and cold remedies for the kiddos, Body Glide, Flex Power cream and I'm especially excited about the three pack of socks from Sofsole.  I tried them out today and LOVE them!  I hate how so many sock sizes are 5-9; seeing as how I wear a 9, socks are usually just a little too small or too big.  Sofsoles are size 5-10 and fit perfectly. WIN.

Good luck to all the lovely ladies who will be running tomorrow!  Don't stress about the rain, I'm sure it'll feel much better than being drenched in sweat while running during 80 degree heat.

Moving on, I have to share a video, because it's random Friday and I came across this TOTAL GEM on the Boring Runner's blog yesterday.  How cool is this???  I want to go to NYC and run with Ryan Hall...

Lastly, my song sharing selection for today is another older one, but has been getting a lot of air time on my XM stations lately.  If you haven't already checked out Deadmau5, you should.  Just like a lot of techno, trance, and hey, even classical music, the song doesn't really get goin' until about the 1:30 mark.  I happen to think that crescendos make for inspirational tunes.  Enjoy.


  1. How fun catching The Mother Runners! I don't think they've come thru my way but hopefully they'll swing by one of these days. I enjoyed their TLAM recent book. Deadmau5 is a great choice for running - I'm actually enjoying some Skrillex myself :-)