Fitfluential Ambassador!

To say that I'm interested in fitness is probably a bit of an understatement.  I've been active in some way as far back as I can remember.  At least as far back as age seven when I was competing at state meets in the 25 meter freestyle.  I continued swimming throughout my childhood and into high school (and I've certainly had great role models growing up). 

OMG.  just... OMG.  I think I was a Freshman in HS in this one..

Even though I didn't continue swimming in college, I always did some form of exercise.  I started running and doing step aerobics to keep the Freshman 15 at bay. (I even have a Reebok step in my house right now that sometimes sees the light of day, if I have a sick kid and can't make it out to the Y.)  I didn't exactly 'enjoy' running but it got results. After my second child turned one last year, I decided I needed to have a goal and get out of my comfort zone/rut of solely relying on bootcamp and a few 3 mile runs a week to stay motivated. So I trained for and ran the Seattle Half Marathon, and loved the whole experience.  I realized that the reason I didn't love running initially was because I was always running short distances and that I really enjoy myself after getting through the first two to three miles of any run (even in a 5K race).  Its become addictive to get into that zone. 

Running, and sports, has not only kept me healthy and sane (especially with two small kids), but it's opened so many doors for me and helped me to really put myself out there, meet new people and take a few chances.  I've really come to see that the more that I put into anything, the more I get out of it.  If I didn't take that chance on sending a heartfelt hello to the ladies at Oiselle, I certainly wouldn't be writing this blog or this post about being accepted as a Fitfluential Ambassador!  I'm so grateful and excited about the opportunities that have come my way along this running/fitness journey. 

FitFluential is a network of fitness minded folks who share their experiences and journeys through social media (blogs, Facebook and Twitter). As an Ambassador, I'll have the chance to partner with brands that fit well with me and my blog, while giving me the opportunity to develop my writing (especially on the topics of fitness, food and health). 

So thank you Oiselle, thank you new running friends, and thank you Fitfluential.  I look forward to sharing the love!


  1. That's so great! And I love the picture! Kickin it old school.

  2. Welcome to the FitFluential family! Love that HS pic!

  3. Love the pic! I have pics just like that hidden away. So impressed you posted it. Brings back all those swimming memories! Did everyone have navy, red, and white team suits? I'm beginning to think so.