Friday Things

My husband is home juuuust in time to tell me that he needs to take one more trip about three weeks from now, totally foiling my frantic last minute attempts to get down to Eugene to support the Oiselle athletes (<-check out this link with the profiles of these amazing competitors) at the Olympic Trials.  WAH.  And he's going to CHICAGO, of all places.  Without me.  I die.  I'm sure this is another meeting he could have weaseled his way out of with a video conference, but he's not going to pass up the opportunity to go and eat real pizza.  I guess I can't blame him. 

There's been a bit of fun Twitter talk amongst different team members that are totally out and proud for their love of cheesy pop; I myself have professed my love for Call Me Maybe, not just once - but twice.  It got me to thinking that I should just go ahead and confess my latest favorite.  Deep breath here...  I really am enjoying 'Hit the Lights' by Selena Gomez.  The lyrics are so trite and yet so fun at the same time.  It's all about putting yourself out there and taking chances - something I can certainly get behind.

Get this photo here!

A bit higher on the 'cooler' scale that I'm also loving right now is the Shiny Toy Guns Remixes album; it's not terribly new (came out in '09) but my husband introduced me to it recently.  Although, it has the most awesome cover of Major Tom on there, fueling my inner geek's love for 80s music and one of the best tv shows of all time:

So, did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards?  I think I caught most of it in bits and pieces over the last week, since they re-air the shit out of it.  ANYWAY, who can say they don't absolutely love Emma Stone?  I have such a girlcrush.  She just made me want to be her bestie forever with her acceptance speech.  This is one of those videos I can't embed, but here's the link.  I was reminded of it when Oiselle linked this great list from NPR on 33 ways to stay creative, most notably #13 to surround yourself with creative people and #19 to stop trying to be someone else's perfect.  Happy Weekend, all.


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