Friday Things

I've got the Iron Heart 4 miler tomorrow morning and I'm kind of dubious about it; I mean 4 miles is sort of a random distance.  I'm very enthusiastic about the charity and like that the miles represent the chambers of the heart, but still...  At least I have done a 4 mile race within the last year to have some sort of benchmark.  Got to beat 37:32.  I'm antsy to do another 5K and see if I can get in under 26 minutes.  So I'm signing up for the Fall City Days 5K - any local yokels want to join me?  There's a 10K, too, but I'm just not feelin' the 10K distance right now: anything longer than a 5K is going to be a half marathon for the foreseeable future...

To keep myself accountable this month, I've signed on for Another Mother Runner's challenge.  You can learn all about the authors on their website linked above, or read this great article from Runners World April 2012 issue on moms making time for running.  I'm SO excited that I'm going to get to meet them when they visit Seattle later this month! 

They're having a house party to talk about their latest book, Train Like a Mother - a follow up to Run Like a Mother: How to Get Moving and not lose your Family, Job or Sanity

To round out this all about running 'Friday Things' I feel I must post a video.  If you haven't already seen the 'I am a runner' series on the Runners World website, check it out.  Sean Astin is one of my favorites, as well as Ben Gibbard - can't seem to embed the video, so click on this link

Happy Friday!


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