Milestone Mania

It's such a cliche about kids and how the time goes so fast. Personally, I didn't think the time was going by very fast until I had a second child; she helped shine a spotlight on how truly warp speed it all goes.  

This week, baby girl got her first haircut. Not that you can tell; I'm not big on bangs, I just wanted them to take some length off the back so that we can start moving her out of the toddler mullet stage. Baby steps.

Next milestone: last week big brother got promoted to the next swim level at the Y, after only one and a half sessions at the elementary level.  I suppose taking him as much as I can on the weekends, and schlepping poor baby girl right out of her crib and to the daycare while he has lessons, has paid off.  I must share a moment of mommy pride: after the director of the swim program watched big brother swim out 5 yards/turn and come back a couple of times, he gave a lot of praise about his breathing technique, etc. and then asked me when he turns six.  Six!  Um, in just about a year.  Made my day.   

And today was his last day as a preschooler.

I can't believe this was three years ago, the last time he was 'graduating.'

Toddler Group Graduation with Teacher Amy and Today's Pre-K Graduation

This is the same class that baby girl just finished.

Such conflicting emotions.  Yes, as much the years fly by and I want this relentless march of time to stop...  Man, the days, they are mostly LONG.  Crazy how that works.  I see women with brand new babies and get that pull, that pang in the gut (or uterus?) and then I get a grip.  I SO don't want to be back in that sleepless haze; I don't want to have more, we've made a very permanent decision on that front.  I think I'd just like to go back in time and enjoy the kids I have now when they were younger - enjoy them from the perspective I have now.  One superhero power I'd want to have?  Time machine, all the way.

Baby Brother just days old in 2007


  1. Whoa, that last picture made me want a tiny baby, and I definitely haven't thought that thought in a long time. But that is ridiculously cute. And sweet.