This Weeks Repeats

THAT was a weird bug that swept through our house last week.  We all got it at some point, except for baby girl, and were over it by Thursday.  Luckily it was only a 24 hour thing, but it messed up the last long runs before my next half marathon.  I think whatever ailment we had started bugging me during a very exhausting 10 mile run last Saturday and it's easy to see how important it is to fuel your body for exercise: I wasn't able to eat all day Tuesday and then didn't eat much for another day or two after that; it certainly made me feel slow and weak while trying to do my last long run of 9 miles on Friday.  Hopefully it'll be enough training to get me through all 13.1 miles at a decent pace.  Although, my only goal for this race is to have fun, enjoy some champagne, chocolate and girl bonding! 

So yeah, some of these meals were pushed back from last week, but I did put an old Giada recipe in there that I haven't shared before - super easy and a great way to get some extra spinach to the kids.

  • Monday - Pizza (might take the kids to Zeeks or The Rock)
  • Tuesday - Giada's penne with spinach sauce
  • Wednesday - 4th of July! spicy chicken sausages and corn on the grill with some fruit salad
  • Thursday - Greek turkey meatball salad
  • Friday - leftover baked ziti (I always make a double batch and freeze half)
  • Saturday - Flat Iron steaks and I might try this asparagus pastry I found on Pinterest...
  • Sundaysweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken with mashed potatoes.  I was very sad we didn't get to try this Pinterest recipe last week; hopefully they'll turn out looking like the picture below and I'll have a good report for next week... 


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