Friday Things - Calling it in...

We just got back from our little family road trip and I'm keepin' it short because, although it was a LOVELY trip and so fun to unplug with the kids for two days, we're operating on about 2 hours of sleep.  Turns out that baby girl is sooooo nowhere near ready to leave the confines of a crib...   

I wanted to share this post from Not Martha this week that is a total game changer for me and my hair care routine - yes, I know, important stuff!  I always try not to shampoo my hair every day: it's bad for your hair, hair color, yada, yada...  But after working out, I just can't help but want to get it CLEAN.  Enter Trader Joes (yay!) Tea Tree Tingle conditioner.  I actually had this stuff in the house already because a teacher friend of mine told me that Tea Tree Oil helps deter lice, and that's high on my list of fears as a mother, so I use it on the kids hair.  Apparently I can WASH my hair with this stuff as well.  I've tried it several times now and, although it doesn't feel quite the same as a full shampoo, it's WAY better than just rinsing.  WIN.

Here's my song sharing for this week.  I'm sure everyone's hear Martin and Solveig's "Hello" already, well "The Night Out" is a good one, too.  Not that I've been listening/running to these songs recently.  After Sunday's half, I did about 20 minutes on the recumbent bike on Monday and 30 minutes on the elliptical on Tuesday all while reading my Kindle.  This week will probably rank as one of the longest stretches of not running.  Hopefully I'll keep up on my run with the Oiselle ladies when I get back on the running train this Sunday.  I do know that there will be one teammate coming off off Ragnar Northwest Passage, so perhaps she'll take it easy and hang back with me.  For those of you running it this right now (or if you're running any race this weekend) have SO much fun and GOOD LUCK!  I'll definitely be following #NUUNKOTB on Twitter!! 

And I'm just now reading about what happened in Colorado and, man, I just have no words...  Other than to have a peaceful weekend and hug your loved ones close.


  1. Funny, I have thought about the washing hair too much issue too. I always just wash it because it feels so salty/sweaty after a good run. Maybe I'll have to try the Tea Tree conditioner. Wonder if it's safe for highlighted hair...?

  2. I have to wash my hair, I tried once during our recent vacation to skip a day ... it was so awful by the end of 48 hours. Oily, icky, limp ... ugh! :-) That is interesting about the lice thing ... I will have to get some for our house too!