Friday Things

I came across Dinner: A Love Story via Everyday Reading and CAN'T wait to read it and start trolling the archives on her blog.  Already I feel absolutely simpatico with this woman!  From one of her more recent posts on weekly menu planning:

"Do you not know you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of obsessiveness and ridicule and…simple, delicious-sounding summer dinners?"

I can't tell you the number of times that people kind of laugh at us for our obsessive menu planning that we, too, have been doing even before we got married.  She feels my pain!  And also, the reward that comes from family dinners.

Speaking of family, I shared this Babble article on my Facebook account many moons ago, but thought I'd share it here.  Such a worthwhile read for parents and anyone thinking about becoming a parent.  Despite the summer crazytown that is going on with my kids right now, they certainly are (and will always be) my pride and joy.  I've also linked this video by the author (Babble co-founder Rufus Griscom) and his wife Alisa Volkman (also Babble co-founder) that goes more in depth on the subject of parenting (with a Powerpoint presentation and charts! my heart swoons!) and it's a bit on the long side at 18 minutes, but so funny and so wonderful.

Lastly, here's my song selection for this Friday: "Tell 'Em" by Sleigh Bells

It has that great motivating lyric: 'did you do your best today?'  Always makes me try to do just that.  Happy Friday!


  1. We watched this TED Talk and it is amazing! Thanks for the blog rec - will def check out. Also, I'm reading Galore right now and think you'd dig it.

    1. who's the author? I have not heard of this book!

  2. Michael Crummey (how's that for a last name?) It was a rec on Goodreads from my high school English teacher :)


    1. oooh, that does seem interesting! have added to Goodreads :)