Friday Things

So that new location for a ZOOMA run was announced yesterday and, sadly, no resorts in the Pacific Northwest were chosen.  Alas, they did choose a location near and dear to my heart.  They'll be going to Amelia Island, FL in January 2013.  We spent several years going to Amelia as a family.  We even drove down there from Chicago on at least one occasion.  Seeing as how my mom is into tennis, it's a PERFECT retreat for the tennis lover - as well as tons of other activities.  I remember riding rented bikes endlessly around the island and getting lunch (lots of hot dogs and virgin daiquiris) charged to our condo.  Thanks mom!  And when we were in our pre-teen years, there was lots of Tron/Qbert/Ms Pac Man playing in the arcade (OMG that makes me feel like a fossil), driving golf carts 'kamikaze' style around at night without headlights and trying to crash the older kids bonfire parties on the beach.  And now my big brother is about to embark on a vacation there this summer with his three kids.  Full circle...

All of the pictures surfacing on the web today from the opening ceremonies of the Olympics are making me SO ANTSY.  I can't wait to park myself on the couch tonight and watch.  And as much as I love to run, I'm so glad that swimming gets underway first - it's my favorite to watch, not gonna lie.  After our fancy dinner out tomorrow, we're coming home to watch Phelps vs. Lochte battle it out for the 400 IM. 

Also, if you've heard the term 'blackout' bandied about in regards to the athletes sponsors and aren't sure what the heck they're talking about, PLEASE read this blog post from Oiselle about what a bunch of crap it is and how we can do our small part to help the athletes and their sponsors.  Another good article here on Forbes.

Enough preachy preacherson, here's the latest admission of my top 40 listening habits...  YES I have some Pitbull on my playlist, OKAY?  This may have to inspire me while running in the wee dark hours...

("We Run the Night" by Havanna Brown feat. Pitbull)

Happy weekend!


  1. Sounds amazing. Looking at all the photos for the video, I was wishing a had a bigger bank account. Maybe someday.....

    I also made sure to tell Tricia about all the west coast wishers. Here is to hoping peer pressure brings us something awesome.

  2. I have always wanted to go to Amelia island!! Don't worry about the Pitbull . . .it is my daughter's fave already, lol