July Goals and June Check In

Goals from June:

Keep on keepin' on with 100 Happy Days on Instagram. Still going strong, and enjoying the daily photos.  Although, I think the mental space in my brain for remembering pictures has all been allocated to this, since I've completely spaced on my monthly roundup.  I'll probably do a mad dash catch up sometime soon.

Deal with baby girl's crazy mop of hair. Done!

haircut day!

Pick summer camps we might do and get them booked. Yay! Done! We have one multi sports camp and two different week long swim sessions.  This should be enough for now, and Skyhawks always sends out last minute deals if you're signed up for their camps.  So we may add on as the summer goes along.

Runner's World summer run streak: a minimum of one mile a day from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July.  I can't believe I'm almost done: thirty eight days down, two to go.  It's been way easier than I thought and I've run every. single. day. with Charity Miles!  

Acclimating our NEW PUPPY to the family. Um, yeah, I'd say Chewy is acclimating just fine...  

And we are acclimating, too.  Potty training is going great and we've definitely settled into the routine of having a dog again.

Goals for July

I'm making things pretty easy and straightforward this month.  It's summer. It's my birthday month, and a big one at that.  It's time to sleep in, relax more, enjoy the weather, spend a lot of time in the water and eat lots of Popsicles.

These were a post beach MUST today, my car was reading 97 degrees!

  • Continue with 100 Happy Days pics.
  • Finish the run streak.
  • Have a blast at Ragnar and make sure my family is 100% healthy before I leave!
  • Eat some sort of frozen treat with the kids once a week.
  • Not freak out about turning 40...


  1. A big birthday…if you say you are turning 40 there is no flipping way I would ever believe that. Show me your birth certificate…seriously, you don't even look CLOSE to that number! What is your secret? ;)

    And more Chewy pictures please…I need more pug love in my life!

  2. Oh boy! It is my big 4-0 year this year too. It isn't until December but I have mentally had to make myself not think about it or I will freak out.... And, yeah, Chewy looks like he is fitting in juuuusssst fine :)