Things I Learned While Doing a Run Streak

I'm SO glad Runner's World had a summer run streak challenge.  It was the perfect thing to get me out of my funk after a bad half and have something to focus on that was not a race.  I just checked my total mileage for the streak and I put in 115 miles in 40 days.  I know there are many, many runners who go at it every day and average much higher mileage.  But I'm pretty pleased!

day 35
  I was also pleasantly surprised that wasn't too much of a struggle to fit in that minimum of one mile a day.  In the beginning, it was kind of novel - finding new places to run, bringing a change of clothes in the car on occasion, etc.  By about half way through, I really did feel like it became a habit and that I truly felt 'off' if I didn't get to run.  The only time I really dreaded the daily run was the day after the Rock n' Roll Seattle Half (and maybe the day after THAT), which I'm thinking is kind of understandable.  Normally I'd take a day or two off and then do some cross training.  

I also met my goal of running every single one of my miles outside and with Charity Miles!  

Seriously, get the app if you haven't - so easy.
I mostly put my miles toward The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Stand Up 2 Cancer and Every Mother Counts.  I can mostly thank the weather for this, but I'm definitely going to try for the winter run streak from Thanksgiving to New Years Day.  I've actually gone beyond the 40 days!  I'm up to 45 and maybe I'll make it to Labor Day, or beyond...

Some things I've learned:
  • I'm glad I have an abundant supply of Oiselle running duds, because my laundry pile has become quite a bit larger.  It's always fun to get to the bottom of the pile and re-discover 'vintage' pieces!
  • Getting it done early in the day was the best way for me to make sure I achieved my goal.  
  • That being said, I had to run in the afternoon quite a bit or occasionally in the evening, and I think this streak really helped me adapt to running in different situations.  Running in afternoon heat, running with a stomach full of Jimmy John's #5 or a burrito bowl from Chipotle is good for Ragnar training, methinks.
  • If you're in a running funk, it seems counter intuitive, but running more can get your mojo back.  Usually after a half marathon, I treat myself with kid gloves for at least a few days and very cautiously get back to running.  Having to run after Rock n' Roll really opened my eyes to the fact that I was underestimating myself, and I was ready to get in some speed and longer runs after just a week.
  • I feel more in tune with my body.  If I hadn't run the day after doing 13.1, I probably would have just felt general soreness and moved on with cross training for awhile.  I'm still doing cross training (bootcamp twice a week) but by throwing a little run in, I could instantly tell where I needed to focus any extra stretching/foam rolling.
  • Strength, core and stretching easily became a daily habit.  Doing planks and core (and sometimes a vain attempt at Dr. Lesko's workout) is a lot easier to keep on top of if you're in workout gear and already sweating.  For me, it's rest days that get in the way of doing this stuff daily.
  • Your family will come to expect your run.  Another thing that seems counter intuitive, but the more I took off to go run, the more my family accepted it, got used to it, encouraged it!
  • As with any exercise, getting out the door is the hardest part.  Usually I wanted to run more than just one mile after I got going - time constraints/cross training days usually dictated the one mile run.
  • It sure helps with weight maintenance/loss.  I'm never going to be the thinnest person in the room, and that's totally okay by me.  I don't really ever set out to lose weight unless it's after the holidays - yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  Buuuuut, I'm sure as hell not going to complain if two pounds just magically disappear!  Thanks run streak!
  • I'll gain more endurance and speed?  Jury's still out, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed...


  1. great list. I am on day 10 of my own little streak. I am doing a min of 20 minutes a day and right now that is really all I am running 20-25 minutes. Slowly building back up in a hope to stay injury free.

  2. That's so cool that you did the running streak. I've always been tempted to try something like that, but I'm paranoid that I'll injure myself.
    The streak sounds like a great way to broaden your running horizons too. I'm realizing that I'm super set in my ways as a morning-runner. It sounds kinda fun to squeeze in a mile or two at wreird times. What's the verdict, are you going to stick with the streak?

    1. yes, I've been very careful with my overall weekly mileage! Yep, sticking with it for now - 47 days down so far :)

  3. I've been thinking about doing a "rest of the summer streak" to stay motivated before half marathon training starts in August. I'm curious about how you planned your runs? Did you plan days to be certain mileage then wing it the other days, making sure it was at least 1mi per day?

    1. Great question! One of the reasons I decided on the streak was because I'm NOT following any kind of training plan at the moment. That being said, I still try to do one long run, one tempo-ish run and one run with intervals a week. I add on a mile to my bootcamp/xtraining twice a week and then just did what felt good on the other two days: sometimes a mile, sometimes four! But, I always make sure I'm not ramping up my weekly mileage too much - I went from about 20 miles a week to hovering around 25 right now!