This Weeks Eats 7.6.14

What a beautiful weekend we had here in the Pacific Northwest, just a perfect holiday.  We spent the day at one of our favorite trails with the kids at Big Four Mountain to the ice caves.  

Big brother stayed up pretty late, so we watched fireworks from our second floor balcony we have off our guest room.  It has a pretty nice view of some fireworks shows near and far.  I hope you enjoyed as much family, fun, relaxation and FOOD as we did.  Oy.  I'm still feeling a bit stuffed from the Fourth.  I even tried a patriotic fruit pizza with the kids to accompany our brats and potato salad.

Not bad, but I think I'd go for a sugar cookie crust next time around.  Also not bad, but I don't know if we'd make again, is the Spinach and Artichoke Chicken dish from last week.  Sometimes things sound a bit too good to be true - spinach artichoke dip, over chicken! YUM! 

It looked so good, I even took a picture of it!
But it was just a bit too much. Yes, we cook a lot of comfort food, yet I just felt like I'd eaten a brick.  Even some tomatoes thrown in to cut the richness didn't really help.  

Hopefully this week's new recipes will be winners...

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  1. I've seen a lot of tacos on menus this week! Yum! Thanks for linking up :)