This Weeks Eats 11.15.15 (And a Trip to Uwajimaya)

Uwajimaya, our local Asian grocer, is a place we frequent to pick up our favorite yogurt from Ellenos.  We have a routine when we visit, which is to hit up the yogurt bar, then 'oooh' and 'ahhh' and 'ewwww' over the different live seafood, and pick out a fun treat like Pocky Sticks or Hi Chews.  Recently, however, the store is undergoing construction and we find ourselves traveling different aisles of the store in order to pick up our yogurt prepackaged in the dairy aisle.  This has resulted in the hilarity of our kids gaping maws over a giant pig's head in the butcher case, glistening Peking duck and little plastic deli tubs of baby octopus.  It's highly entertaining and has encouraged good conversation about how different cultures view food differently.  I wonder when Anthony Bourdain programming will be appropriate...

On our most recent trip, we actually discovered a confection our kids do not like!  To be honest, we don't either.  Behold: Fugetsu-Do, a type of rice cake that looked like it would have a literal rainbow of flavor.  Alas, there was none.  But, it's certainly fun to keep trying different things.  Perhaps one day baby octopus?  Hmmm...

This week:

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  1. We were out for Sushi last night and were reminded out amazing mocha ice cream is. We had chocolate and mango. I am inspired to bring some home and see how the kids like it. Maybe a trip to Uwajis in our future!

    1. oooh, now I never even thought of the frozen treats! will do that next time. the candy aisles at Asian markets are always so alluring :)

  2. What a fun cultural trip experience in your back yard!

  3. Chicken BLT Salad sounds pretty dram good to me!

  4. I've never shopped in an Asian market...honestly, I'm scared to do it! But it would be great to find new things and maybe something you'd love!