November Goals and October Recap

There's a chill in the air and the holidays are almost upon us!  I just love this time of year.  But first let's see how I fared on what is probably one of my least favorite months...

October Goals

Get the kids (and ourselves) scheduled for flu shots.  
Oof!  This is definitely done, but there seemed to be a shortage of the flu mist for the kiddos and there were a LOT of tears shed this year.

Get cracking on Halloween costumes, decor, carving pumpkins, class parties, trick or treat plans on the same night as a soccer game, blahhhhhh. (I kinda hate Halloween.)
As I noted in the last couple of menu posts, we successfully carved pumpkins and navigated a crazy afternoon of rain, soccer and trick or treating.  Costumes were the EASIEST this year, though.  Big kid is now into the idea of scary costumes and wanted to be the grim reaper.  Little kid wanted to be a cat!  Ten seconds, and very few dollars, on Amazon and I was DONE.

Okay, the working the kindergarten party was pretty cute - exhausting, but cute.

Finish up fundraising/paperwork/volunteering for the kid's jog-a-thon.
Success!  And fun!

Schedule the dogs for boarding and get ready for another trip to the Great Wolf Lodge.  
We had a lovely time, but Vader would probably not say the same of his stay at the vet...
We killed two birds with one stone, or maybe two stones? There's a bad joke in there somewhere.

Start training for a 5K!  (the Redmond Turkey Trot) 
I found this 5K training plan online from Jenny Hadfield.  It really appealed to me because the running is focused on time in lieu of miles, which is something I've never done exclusively before.  I'm kind of digging it!

Finish up Once A Runner and prepare for the wrap up of Oiselle's inaugural Long Distance Reading Club. 
 Success!  You can see our discussion on Twitter via the #LDRclub hashtag.  

November Goals
  • Get some more content going over at zee new blaaagh! Yes, I started up another blog for funsies over at Born and READ in Chicago.  I'm still in the midst of sprucing it up, writing some more posts and updating the reviews by author.  But, if you enjoy my book posts, gimme a follow over there!
  • Thanksgiving prep!  It's just the four of us, but we like to make a big production.
  • Participate in Oiselle's #Chasethebird challenge: commit to 15 minutes of exercise a day from November 1st until Thanksgiving.  This is kind of a gimme, since I'm still doing the run streak - day #528 today!  But I may add on a half mile or some extra plank work on my 1 miler days. 
  • Do what I can to get ahead of the game for Christmas this year.  Make gift lists by Thanksgiving, decide on teacher gifts and perhaps buy a few things before December. 


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