June Goals and May Recap

May was another fantastic and successful goal month, for the most part...

Get stuff for Teacher Appreciation Week
Oof. This was the week that I was sick before our Vegas trip and I dropped the ball on one of the days.  Thankfully it was the 'bring a sweet treat' day.  I emailed the teacher that I was sorry we forgot and that I'd send her something the next day and she pretty much asked me not to, since she had PLENTY of treats!

Execute birthday fun!
Ah! As previously reported, it was another successful trip to the Great Wolf Lodge and we have indeed booked another trip for the fall.  Chewy was pretty darned glad to see us, though.  Having not spent a lot of time around other dogs, he was given a trial by fire at the pet hotel!  

Prepare and pack for VEGAS OMG
Again, huge success as previously reported.  PLUS, I got a big life to-do checked off my list: I made a will!  Yes, I freaked out about both my husband and I leaving the kids and it's something that needed to be done.

Complete a year long Run Streak!
Yay!  Done!  And still going! Day 374 today.

Recover from Vegas and run the Brooks Trailhead 15K
This was a fun Lake Union race and I'll do a quick recap soon!

Take the car in for scheduled maintenance
I got this done on June 1st, but I'm squeaking it in and calling it good for May - $1300 and a replaced part later...  Grrrrrr.

June Goals

Get end of year teacher gifts
I WILL do better with this, as it's something I can do ahead of time!

Pick a book and start summer reading program
We're so lucky that our school PTA gets a grant every year for a really cool summer reading program.  The school library is opened up one evening every week in the summer, while teachers volunteer to come in and discuss the kids' reading journals.  My son can pick books from the school library after the first week, but we need to get our own book (or one from the public library) for the first week's journal entry.

Do summer camp sign ups
I have one for my girl all set up, since it was through our parks district and those fill up crazy fast.  So I'm eyeing a Skyhawks camp for the boy child during the same week...

Start training another puppy!
Yep, we're getting the Vader to our Chewy and OMG I'm excited, but scared!  It's been years since I lived with two dogs in the house, and I was certainly not the primary caretaker.  I'm sure we'll muddle through with this cuteness.
Meet Vader!

Choose and start a 5K plan
After running the Brooks 15K, I remembered how much I dislike long runs in warm weather - and it wasn't even THAT warm.  I am signed up for the See Jane Run Half Marathon, but I think I'm going to switch down to the 5K and make it a goal race...


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