A Few of My Favorite (Summer) Things and Trader Joe's Picks

I usually gush about my top 10 Trader Joe's favorites in the fall (2012  list and 2013), but there are a few recent items I had to share that are great for summer.  And it's been another long hiatus since a Favorite Things post, since February! (Also worth noting: the beach bag from February favorites has been getting a serious workout lately, and I still love it.)

Over the last few years, it seems that Rose wines have increased in popularity.  At least, according to my Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds.  I've always been hesitant to try because I'm not usually a fan of white wines and the pink just leads me to believe it's going to taste like a sugary White Zinfandel.  But I gave it a shot last week because it's been so unseasonably warm here in the Seattle area, and it really sounded refreshing.  And, lo, it is VERY refreshing!  I can't speak for the fancier versions, but this TJs Exclusive Pinot is goooooood.

And, of course, summer is time for drinking even MORE margaritas.  AMIRITE?  The TJs mix is perfection.  Simple and not too sweet, which I appreciate.

I'm not a total lush, I do drink beverages of the non-alcoholic variety.  Sitting in the hammock in the backyard with a huge glass of iced tea is my favorite way to end the day.  I'm partial to the green tea mixes, especially the lemonade and pomegranate flavors.

Not a refreshing beverage, but this Sriracha BBQ sauce is a new must have for grilled chicken, pulled pork or in lieu of ketchup on a burger.

Moving on from Trader Joe's, I got these amazing Sofft 'Breeze' sandals a few months ago and wore them for the first time the weekend of The Blathering.  I did a LOT of walking in them and they were still so comfortable!  They also stood up to hours of hoofing it up and down the strip in Vegas, and are still totally cute with a nice dress, in my opinion.  
My mom saw them and bought herself a pair - she loved them so much that she just bought a pair for my sister in law.  Yeah, they're that awesome.

I don't know if it's necessarily a summer color, but I've really come around to black nail polish.  It's not something I ever would have bought on my own, but I got the little package of three free mini nail polishes with my last Zoya purchase and Anais was one of them.  I figured it would be fun to give it a try, and now it's one of my favorite colors.  
It's not a flat black color, there's a little hint of shimmer and a depth to it that's just really cool.  It's only available on Ebay right now in the mini trio, so I'm using it sparingly until I find a similar shade.

Finally, I've got to update the playlist, since I've added a song that's surpassed You Are My Diamond for my favorite pump up song.  I could listen to Redefined by TyDi, featuring Melanie Fontana all the livelong day.  So, so, so good!  Give a listen below, along with a few others songs I've added in the last couple of months. 

Run on Love by Lucas Nord, featuring Tove Lo
Another You by Armin van Buuren, featuring Mr. Probz (also love Wave After Wave)
Don't Look Down by Martin Garrix, featuring Usher

Redefined by TyDi, featuring Melanie Fontana

Run on Love by Lucas Nord, featuring Tove Lo

Another You by Armin van Buuren, featuring Mr. Probz

Don't Look Down by Martin Garrix, featuring Usher


  1. That VINTJ wine is wonderful! (Or so I think - it was in one of the more recent Fearless Flyers, picked it up, and loved it).