Brooks Trailhead 15K Race Report

Eeep!  Better late than never on the Brooks Trailhead race recap, right?  It's no secret that I love Brooks shoes.  My love affair started with Adrenalines years ago and now I'm a die hard Ravenna girl.  I also quite enjoy the 15K distance - it's right about the time in a half marathon that I'm ready to be DONE.  There aren't enough 15K races in these parts, nor 10 milers.  Can someone rectify this?  Maybe a Quest Field 10 Miler, like the Soldier Field 10 Miler?  I digress...

So I was thrilled to learn that Brooks would be hosting the annual 15K race around Lake Union (formerly Seattle's Best, which I ran three years ago and last year it was the Emerald City Run).  My goal for this race was to make it a long run, since I'd been sidelined by sickness and vacation for most of May.  It was a bit of a slog there, but I made it...

It was perfect race weather, maybe a tad on the warm side with hardly any clouds and temps getting well into the 60s by the time we finished.  Parking was no problem, as with every Gasworks Park race.  My 15K start time was supposed to be at 8:14AM, two minutes after the elite 10K start, four minutes after the elite 15K start.  Kind of confusing and I don't think this is how it went down.  So everyone, 10K and 15K runners alike, just went and crossed the starting mats haphazardly.  I waited and therefore missed meeting up with my friend Lauren who was going to keep me company for most of the race.  But I brought my music along and was just fine and ended up catching her around mile 5, which is just as well because that's when I was starting to lose steam.  I was clocking miles pretty consistently in the 10:30s, but starting at the hilly section, I just had to start taking walk breaks.  Final time was 1:42:26 for an average pace of 10:40.  No, not 11 minute miles befitting a 9.3 mile race, as they took into account that the course was really nearly a quarter of a mile too long at 9.6 miles.  

I'm glad of that for my results, but I was not glad to be thinking I was nearly done when I was not!  

It's a typical Lake Union race, utilizing the parking lots, sidewalks and some streets around the lake - as well as my least favorite up and downhill portion of races ever.  I'm sure the loop is great for getting a run in, and I know Lauren had a great 10K on this course.  But, I can say with certainty that I'm just not a fan.  I don't like the bumpy, holey, gravel parking areas, the abandoned bit of railroad track, sidewalks by businesses, and of course the steep uphill followed by scary downhill bit.  Again, thankfully I wasn't going into this race with any lofty goals.  For sure all Lake Union runs will continue to be fun runs.  

That being said, I love that my favorite shoe company is in my backyard and is organizing this run.  I love that I have a Brooks themed medal and race shirt!

And I absolutely love that it's held on a Saturday morning and within walking distance of The Essential Baking Co for iced coffee and breakfast sandwich with a friend.  Thanks Lauren for being my personal photographer.


  1. I say the EXACT SAME THING about 15k's and 10 milers. They are my favorite races...why AREN'T there more of them??