This Weeks Eats 5.31.15

During a Costco run this week, I overhead a woman say to her husband that she didn't need any chicken broth, as it's getting too warm to make soup.  Meanwhile, I was carting around my stash of broth!  It was a rather warm and humid today (by Seattle standards), and I still had a box of stock going in the crockpot for Jalapeno Popper Chili dinner tonight.  

Chop and toss ingredients in, add some toppings and dinner is ready!
The crock pot and oven get lots of use over the summer in our house, because they're a lot cooler than standing over the stovetop!  We'll probably use the slow cooker more for things like tex-mex, shredded beef or chicken for rice or salad bowls, etc. than soup.  This week, we're going to try a new Barbacoa beef recipe!
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